A few projects I want to "complete" in 2010:
  • Quilting: I've discovered that I love quilting. Russ did a fantastic job of supporting my latest obsession by gifting me wonderful tools for quilting this Christmas. I now have no excuses! I'm fascinated by the quilting process and I have a few projects I'd like to complete this upcoming year. I need to complete the jean rag quilt I'm working on, that will become Russyl's Scout blanket, complete with badges. And I'd like to make a few cuddle quilts for the house - we don't particularly need more, but a couple that were made by Mom are to the point of disintegration. How about this one for Christmas, this one for the Den, this one for my studio...oh and this one for my neighbor who is about to have a baby (or maybe this one).
  • Photography: I loved this idea from Elsie Flannigan of RVA. I have my 9 LP frames purchase (what a sweet deal I go them $4.99 each and a 25% discount of the total sale price!) and I'm just preparing the images. I hope to have my display up in the Den by Valentines Day.
  • Home: Gotta repaint the kitchen and would LOVE to tile the back splash. Still unsure of the color palette for this project though!
  • Music: Kia got a keyboard for Christmas and the whole family has been enjoying it. Lessons are in order.
  • Writing: My biggest project from 2009 and what has become my biggest project ever is nearing completion. I've had a writing project of some kind or other on the go for the past 20 years. It's just something I always plug away at. I'm thrilled with my latest project, my unnamed novel, and hope to have it completely finished in 2010! This is huge for me, bigger than big and it's been a labor of love. Right now, my only expectation on myself is to finish and to love it.

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