How I can prove that your weekend was better than mine.

1. You might not have to live in what was the second coldest place on EARTH! Some place in Siberia took the coveted title. Our temperatures were -46ish with no windchill factored in.

okay, maybe you live here I'll keep going.

2. Out of our three vehicles. 3. Three. A grand total of 3! Not one of them would start. It was incentive, however, for Russ to fix my block heater plug. So there's a pearl in this. But as of right now, 9:21 am on Monday morning...we're stuck. Russ gets the day off, and I'm sure it's driving him insane, in our married life he's missed a grand total of 2 days of work and one was because I was in the hospital. We've been married 12+ years. Today's day 3.

3. I had to take a taxi to church. The taxi driver wouldn't except my credit card because my ride cost less than $10.00 so I told him to round up. Instead he made me dig through my change, all I could find was $5 so he took that.

do I have you beat yet? Just wait, I'm not done!

4. Our new furnace isn't working. Our house is hovering at a balmy 12'C. The repairman came here 2 times yesterday, and was unable to get it going. BRAND NEW FURNACE PEOPLE!

5. The power went out last night, so our one source of heat, our electric heaters didn't work. The furnace guy couldn't finish his repair and we he had to hoard ourselves into the Den so we could live. We had peanut butter sandwiches for supper by candlelight.

if your weekend was worse, please let me know. I'll bake you brownies but I won't believe you.

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