Day 1

Our Christmas Tradition begins in earnest today. I've changed it up a bit this year in a few ways. It's no longer a big basket of wrapped items. In fact, there is no basket, nor can she see the envelopes or packages in advance. Instead each day a letter will be sent to a little wall mounted box (think post office box meets doctor's office door file holder) outside her bedroom that will describe that days activity. I had such fun making the envelopes and the cards inside. I used digital goodies from house of 3, which I love, and they worked great!

I meant to take photos, but instead we just got too busy and messy to be handling a camera. We made chocolate lollipops, peanut butter cups, chocolate dipped rice krispie squares and chocolate covered pretzels. Whew! Busy busy work, but we had a good time and our messy fingers provided yummy clean up options.

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