By the chimney with care...

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Um, except you can't hang stockings by a chimney when you live without a fireplace. Thus begins the saga of stockings in the Workman family. I've always loved the images of stockings hung by the fireplace and for a couple of years of my married life was able to enjoy the custom (and dude, it was fantastic). Alas in our current home, we have learned that Santa still delivers even without the designer fireplace mantel.

Now, since I have to go without a pine laden, candle glowing mantel with stocking dangling in designer patterns, I should at least have wonderful glorious, sophisticated stockings to enjoy? I mean, it's only right, Martha agrees with this, so I have my second. My dream mantel has coordinating stockings to boot - it's a great fantasy...Enter Russ. Russ is not very sentimental about most things. He is however extremely attached to one particular item. His Christmas stocking from childhood.
Note the stocking in the photo that is twice the size of it's companions. Notice the name cut out of green felt, the gold decor on the felt letters and again notice the size! My sister in laws all inherited similar stockings that came with their Workman boys, but were able to convince/lose/fight their way out of the need to use it. Not me. I lost the battle and instead it's been replaced by a traditional shake of my head every year when I pull it out of storage. In an act of protest, I have not purchased my dream stockings and instead use basic boring red for the rest of us. That'll show em!

This year I decided I couldn't fight it anymore. Buddy isn't budging. This is his stocking till death or disintegration, which ever comes first (please disintegration, please disintegration). He loves it, the size, the memories, his name cut lovingly out green felt by his Mom. It's special to him and in some odd way, it's become special to me. Sooo, in tribute to this memory and the idea of "when you can't beat them, join them", I added the following to our stockings:

Now we all have our names in felt, cut out by a Mom that loves them, and decorated with glittery goodness. I'm not sure what is the gold substance on Russyl's sock. I think it might be gold spray painted macaroni. Whatever, we used glitter glue. We all coordinate. It may not be the designer set I dreamt of, but it has become an act of love...which has infinite more meaning.

Point, Russ.

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