Baby, it's cold outside

We are in a, er, cough cough, "lovely" frigid deep freeze of weather in Alberta. Brrrr. Good bless our furnaces, everyone! I'm behind on sharing photos, so much so that I won't even bother trying to catch up with the vacation photos because that seems like a lifetime ago now. California sunshine, were you real? But I do have more photos to share from the Festival of Trees that we went to a couple weeks ago. Thanks to Lara for encouraging me to go, we were first timers.

The Festival of Trees is an event that raises money for the University Hospital Foundation, so it's a great cause. They had a wonderful interactive medical unit set up where kids could give IV's to teddy bears, get a cast on their finger, really work with actual equipment. Of course I had to get a photo of Kia at the NICU. She's come a long way baby!We started our tour in the gingerbread and cake displays, where we each had to find our favorite gingerbread house and cake. Our favorites were: This log cabin that we thought was so incredibly awesome and this Who-ville cake:
You can see more entries at the Festival of Trees site. More Gingerbread houses here and more cakes here.

There were lots of amazing trees, home decor ideas and little crafty oddities to be enjoyed. I loved this entryway idea: So pretty! Russ get me that door, k? We found this orange tree that made us think of our cousin/niece Breann - so this one's for you Bree: Kia loved this tree because she's all about black and white these days:
I loved this one, I thought the owls were so charming and the branches looked all frosty:
And here are a couple more that we enjoyed:
Sock Monkey tree = Coolness! And this skinny little gold number with red berries and bobs just was the prettiest!Then of course, there is our Christmas tree at home, not a real contender but we love it!P.S. All the photos were taken with my little point and shoot so they are quite squiggy around the edges!

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