Advent Update

For those of you following the advent mail delivery this year, for ideas of your own, here is what the past few days were.

Thursday was a Christmas puzzle. It's a 500 piece gingerbread themed puzzle that is going to take some serious work. Russ and Kia enjoy doing puzzles, as do I, so hopefully we'll have some good sessions.

Friday we ventured out into the crazy high snow drifts and walked to the movie theater by our house to see A Christmas Carol. We all LOVED it. It's not for little ones that is for sure, (the ghost of Marley is really scary and had at least 4 families in the theater we were at comforting their very frightened children) but it really just absorbed us all in and took us into the story.

Saturday, we finally finished decorating the Christmas tree and Kia got some $ for Christmas shopping. She's 10, so money is just about the best thing in the entire world, even if it's money meant to spent on others. Instead of spending the money, we spent a great part of the afternoon digging walkways in the backyard and making tunnels through the snow...the snowdrifts were mammoth!

Sunday's have become Special Delivery days because the spiritual meaning idea is really going to be my focus on FHE days. So today she got a package with Christmas stickers and some fun new Christmas pencils for home and school.

There ya go...all up to date!

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