2009 - The Quiet Life

This year went by so quickly. It was an oddly quiet year, in fact, I read a blog called the quiet life and that is exactly how I would sum up my personal time in 2009. It was a year spent writing; hours of writing. When I think back on what I did, that sticks out the most. Of course there were many other, not so quiet times, like when Roo came into our life. He does have long bouts of silence but not when another dog is in his sight lines, the garbage truck drives by, a strange sound is heard, teenagers dare to walk on our sidewalk or someone has the audacity to ring the door bell - then my friends, he barks like a hound from hell.

It was another rollercoaster year for Russ. I think back on the stress he faced in the early months of this year at work, and I feel so much happiness for him and where he is currently. Lessons are constantly being learned and in this case I learned...job descriptions are meant to please ego's not the soul. An employer can never define the truth of a situation through position or paychecks - only you know what is truly required of you. Really, what matters is your happiness in what you do. Oprah's right on that one, follow your heart and the money will follow or at the very least, follow your heart and you'll realize it's never really about the money.

The kidlet. Kia. What has she been doing in 2009? That is the easiest answer yet. GROWING. January found her in kids size 3.5 shoes. December has found in her in ladies size 7. And that's just her feet! She has outgrown virtually every piece of clothing that was in her closet in the beginning of this year. So many physical changes, so little time. It's been hard for all of us, but we know it's natural and good and right and so we'll just suck it up. Our little girl is still in there, trying so hard to find her place in the world. I often feel like a Momma bird watching their little one take flight and having the confidence to let them do it, even if they fall, or harder still, if they don't and then find themselves just out in that big sky. The younger years were easier because I could control almost every environment. I like control. :)

Like I said earlier, this year has been spent in countless hours of writing but that's not all. Exercise, accompanied by humbling moments provided by my chubbiness, new friendships, music, life in the garden, hauling wheelbarrow loads of rich soil, hiking, sewing quilts, walking a dog, exploring my town, answered prayers, sale hunting for Kia's growth spurt, a fantastic teacher for grade 5, a dishwasher, and trying new things (hello tandoori chicken) have all made 2009 a year of growth and accomplishment. We've had two great trips: one to Jasper and Fairmont, then our recent trip to California, each supplying some of the best memories from 2009.

With open hearts we look forward to 2010 and all the growth oppurtunities it hides in it's shiny newness. Wishing you the best of health, the chance to realize new dreams and deepen old friendships in the new year. Cheers!

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