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2009 - The Quiet Life

This year went by so quickly. It was an oddly quiet year, in fact, I read a blog called the quiet life and that is exactly how I would sum up my personal time in 2009. It was a year spent writing; hours of writing. When I think back on what I did, that sticks out the most. Of course there were many other, not so quiet times, like when Roo came into our life. He does have long bouts of silence but not when another dog is in his sight lines, the garbage truck drives by, a strange sound is heard, teenagers dare to walk on our sidewalk or someone has the audacity to ring the door bell - then my friends, he barks like a hound from hell.

It was another rollercoaster year for Russ. I think back on the stress he faced in the early months of this year at work, and I feel so much happiness for him and where he is currently. Lessons are constantly being learned and in this case I learned...job descriptions are meant to please ego's not the soul. An employer can never define the truth …


A few projects I want to "complete" in 2010:
Quilting: I've discovered that I love quilting. Russ did a fantastic job of supporting my latest obsession by gifting me wonderful tools for quilting this Christmas. I now have no excuses! I'm fascinated by the quilting process and I have a few projects I'd like to complete this upcoming year. I need to complete the jean rag quilt I'm working on, that will become Russyl's Scout blanket, complete with badges. And I'd like to make a few cuddle quilts for the house - we don't particularly need more, but a couple that were made by Mom are to the point of disintegration. How about this one for Christmas, this one for the Den, this one for my studio...oh and this one for my neighbor who is about to have a baby (or maybe this one). Photography: I loved this idea from Elsie Flannigan of RVA. I have my 9 LP frames purchase (what a sweet deal I go them $4.99 each and a 25% discount of the total sale price!) a…

A few shots from Christmas

I'm really not one of those ladies that carry their dogs around. I just play one during photographs and when answering the door.
Grandpa is probably not going to love his photo or the fact I'm sharing it. I love it though. It's a great belly laugh and it makes me smile. My blog!
A pretty photo of all the goodies lying in wait for us late late Christmas Eve (or would that be early, early) before Santa's helper slipped to bed. Then one of Kia giving the thumbs up sign before we checked out the goodies.
Boy, do I have stories to tell you. But they will have to wait, as the Christmas season is still well upon us and we're heading out for the afternoon. Just wanted to share a couple photos from what was a very memorable Christmas.

Time Out for Christmas

Well, it's 5:45am and I'm up, Russ is miserable with sinus pain and the fridge needs to be cleaned in preparation of all the bounty it will be holding over the next few days. Feels like Christmas! My slow seasonal shuffle, that has done quite nicely over the past week, needs to be kicked up a notch in preparation of some possible Christmas visitors we're expecting tonight or tomorrow. Here's what we've been up to:
Kia has opened a doggy daycare in her playroom, and yesterday spent the day with Roopert in "training". He seemed to have enjoyed it as we kept finding him in the penned area awaiting a doggy treat of some kind even when no one was there. We all have the sniffles. Even Roopert. The doggy daycare is big on kleenex and Miss Kia sneezed well over a hundred times the other day, which may be a personal best for her.
Russ changed the dryer hose for me last night. Wow. That thing was in bad shape (can you say fire hazard?) I'm looking forward…

Scrooge: The Musical

Instead of a tradional Ward Christmas Party, our church in Sherwood Park (Clarkdale Ward) put on the musical Scrooge. Friday night, Saturday night and a Saturday matinee showing. I'm still a little blown away that they pulled it off, and they did it so well. The actors and extras really brought the script to life. I had a small part as a caroler, singing back up to the cast and so on. It was a few Sunday evenings of practice and I was happy to be part of it in some small way. It's been a very fond memory of the Christmas season this year.

By the chimney with care...

Image from : Design Mom

Um, except you can't hang stockings by a chimney when you live without a fireplace. Thus begins the saga of stockings in the Workman family. I've always loved the images of stockings hung by the fireplace and for a couple of years of my married life was able to enjoy the custom (and dude, it was fantastic). Alas in our current home, we have learned that Santa still delivers even without the designer fireplace mantel.

Now, since I have to go without a pine laden, candle glowing mantel with stocking dangling in designer patterns, I should at least have wonderful glorious, sophisticated stockings to enjoy? I mean, it's only right, Martha agrees with this, so I have my second. My dream mantel has coordinating stockings to boot - it's a great fantasy...Enter Russ. Russ is not very sentimental about most things. He is however extremely attached to one particular item. His Christmas stocking from childhood.
Note the stocking in the photo that is t…

Who could resist?

Roopert the Red Nosed Reindeer...Russ feels bad for Roo when I make him where this outfit. I, on the other hand, feel only happiness. :)

For the love of googly eyes

Brief change of topic: Look at my crazy messy mug. That was some good hot chocolate ya'll.

Anyways, back to the topic: Russ loves googly eyes. He doesn't do many crafts with the cubs, but when I ask if he needs any craft supplies for the boys he often will request...googly eyes.

Tonight the boys are having a Christmas party and I'm going to do a craft with those who are interested. Guess what we're going to need? Yup, some googly eyes.Guess what this bad boy is called? Wait for it, wait for it. He's an All-Pine(cone) Skier. Har har. Easy and a wonderful craft for cubs due to the good generic materials mixed with natural materials. I used a small styrafoam ball for the head, but I think a wooden bead would work better - just didn't have any of those on hand.

I have high hopes that the boys will make some mangled skiers, I'm kinda channeling Calvin's snowman massacre scenes with this idea, but I think some crazy facial expressions and well placed Pop…

How I can prove that your weekend was better than mine.

1. You might not have to live in what was the second coldest place on EARTH! Some place in Siberia took the coveted title. Our temperatures were -46ish with no windchill factored in.

okay, maybe you live here I'll keep going.

2. Out of our three vehicles. 3. Three. A grand total of 3! Not one of them would start. It was incentive, however, for Russ to fix my block heater plug. So there's a pearl in this. But as of right now, 9:21 am on Monday morning...we're stuck. Russ gets the day off, and I'm sure it's driving him insane, in our married life he's missed a grand total of 2 days of work and one was because I was in the hospital. We've been married 12+ years. Today's day 3.

3. I had to take a taxi to church. The taxi driver wouldn't except my credit card because my ride cost less than $10.00 so I told him to round up. Instead he made me dig through my change, all I could find was $5 so he took that.

do I have you beat yet? Just …

Barn Star Tutorial

I searched the internet over and over again to find a tutorial for a paper barn star and couldn't find one, so I decided to figure it out on my own and make one. I can't be the only one, so here's my photo tutorial of how to make one for yourself! There may be easier ways to do this, but this is what I came up with and seems to work just fine.
To make your paper barn star you will need:
5 square pieces of paper in the size and style of your choice: cardstock, patterned paper, vintage paper will all work, but thicker paper works best. For this example I used double sided patterned paper from Crate Paper and cut it to 3 inches x 3 inches.
Adhesive. I prefer permanent tape adhesive but a glue stick would work just fine.
ScissorsA bone folder (not necessary but extremely helpful)A water based sealer such as mod podge to protect the end product and give it strength.

Dice and Cookies

One of the best parts about my new calling at church is that I get to make crafty projects on a weekly basis if I want to. So last night I made these dice for singing time. They are approximately 5 inches squared. We're practicing a song for Christmas and I thought this would be a fun way to practice for our performance. If you have to sing a song over and over again, it might as well be fun. Used the digital holiday goodies from House of 3 again!

I've also been baking periodically throughout the morning. My sugar cookie dough is vast and must be dealt with. Here are the designs from this mornings efforts. I love gingerbread shapes with a little hearts cut out. My favorite sugar cookie shape! I also made some Mickey Mouse heads for good measure.
Happy Thursday!

Baby, it's cold outside

We are in a, er, cough cough, "lovely" frigid deep freeze of weather in Alberta. Brrrr. Good bless our furnaces, everyone! I'm behind on sharing photos, so much so that I won't even bother trying to catch up with the vacation photos because that seems like a lifetime ago now. California sunshine, were you real? But I do have more photos to share from the Festival of Trees that we went to a couple weeks ago. Thanks to Lara for encouraging me to go, we were first timers.

The Festival of Trees is an event that raises money for the University Hospital Foundation, so it's a great cause. They had a wonderful interactive medical unit set up where kids could give IV's to teddy bears, get a cast on their finger, really work with actual equipment. Of course I had to get a photo of Kia at the NICU. She's come a long way baby!We started our tour in the gingerbread and cake displays, where we each had to find our favorite gingerbread house and cake. Our fav…