Through the Eyes of a Child

Cleaning my studio and I found this old quiz that was about me through Kia's perspective. Made me smile today and I figured it was worth saving and sharing:

What's the funniest thing I do? Robot mommy is pretty funny. When you sing Opera like you were a boy. The way your hair looks when you get up in the morning.

What's my favorite TV show? Lost, but I've never seen you watch it. The show I see you watch is Oprah.

How tall am I? How should I know, you're tall enough to ride anything you want at Galaxyland.

What's my favorite thing to do? scrapbook (wow this was a long time ago)

What makes me sad? When Daddy doesn't listen. (har har)

What make me laugh? Funny things in books. (yes I'm one of those people that burst out laughing when I read)

How much time do I spend on the phone? I think maybe you talk to Heather too much on the phone.

Am I a better driver than Dad? You're the same - except at night, Daddy is a better driver in the dark.

What do i do when you're at school each day? Make ribbon wands and go to the post office.

What should I be famous for? making cinnamon buns.

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