Our Christmas Advent Tradition

I think you all know what I'm talking about, but for those who are new or forgetful, check out this link, and this link, and this link. These past years have worked out quite nicely, yet it's time to change with the times. I now have a 10 year old. Which translates into busyness, she always want to be doing, going, making. A storybook is a 3 minute distraction, that's it! So my plan this year is to give each day of the week a theme:

Monday: Cooking/Decorating
Tuesday: Making/Crafting
Wednesday: Reading
Thursday: Playing
Friday: Watching
Saturday: Going/Doing
Sunday: Spiritual Meaning

Instead of packages - I'm currently making postcards, each saying something like:

Monday: Decorate a dozen gingerbread cookies with Mom and pick a family for us to deliver them to after Family Home Evening.
Tuesday: I've made a stocking for Roopert, I need you to decorate it! I have some special decorations ready for you on your craft table.
Wednesday: Pick your favorite Santa story to read with Dad tonight.
Thursday: I challenge you to a scrabble game using only Christmas words.
Friday: Pick your favorite Christmas movie from our home collection to watch with the family.
Saturday: Go to Fort Edmonton for the Christmas Reflections activity
Sunday: Set up the Nativity in the front room and read from the scriptures about Jesus birth.

There's an example of what I'm thinking of doing. Wish me luck! I'm making postcards in Photoshop and I'll get them printed out on Monday.

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