Ornament Exchange and Scrooge

Two things that are filling my hours and days.

The Ornament Exchange being hosted by my friend Rachel is tomorrow. I thought it was Saturday, but it's tomorrow. There are 24 ladies involved and we make 24 ornaments to swap. For reals. I'm almost done. Not very impressive since I've had 6 - yes 6 months to work on this. Nothing like saving it to the last minute. (Shaking head in shame)

Scrooge, not the movie, not the book, I'm talking about the musical. Our ward is putting on the play/musical as our Christmas party, running two nights with a matinee. Have you ever heard of such a Christmas party? I didn't give it much thought until I was enlisted to sing and now I'm kinda gobsmacked at what a big deal this little project is. Trust me, I'll be updating you on this lots in the next few weeks.

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