Some points for Monday
  • Did you miss this furry little face? Whether you did or didn't here's Roo from today while I was in the backyard photographing some Ribbon Wands. His nose is constantly crunchy with snow when he comes in from the backyard. The hair covering his eyes makes me mental, I want to cut it but I fear the consequence would be I blind the little wiggle worm.
  • Okay, someone thinks I'm mad at them because of something I said on my blog. I'm baffled at what it could have been, but it's safe to say if I was I'm over it. Hope you are too!
  • I'm working really really hard on getting all my Christmas shopping done by December 5th. I know there are some of you smiling smugly at the computer screen right now because you are already done, well on December 6th I hope to be just like you.
  • Reading Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card for the first time! I think some of you will find this crazy that I haven't read it yet and still others of you will wonder what I'm even talking about. Soon I will have all the answers.
  • Kia came home from school today, walked in the door, was attacked by bouncing Roo and promptly said, "I want a chocolate sundae with whipped cream." Um, hi?
  • Guess what we're having for our FHE treat tonight?
  • My house smells of evergreen pine. Strongly. Like a Christmas tree was maybe murdered in here and someone hid it's body in the walls of my house. I like it.

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