Wow, what a trip! 11 days of fun packed in a blurring swirl of memories. Here's a few images from our first day at Disneyland:
We arrived bright and early on Monday morning to light crowds at the park. I managed to score this photo of the castle with not a soul in sight. Unheard of! Mind you if I had turned around it would have been a stampede of people. We rode at least 4 rides the first hour with not a minute wait time. Pirates, Haunted House, Splash Mountain and something else I have forgotten.
Can you tell we found Pooh bear right after splash mountain? Them are some soggy clothes. Tigger was just around the corner and me and Kia got our picture with him, I'll spare you the shot though because I look like an opera singer in it, in size and mouth.
While we were in the park they were filming the Christmas Day parade which is airing, when else? On Christmas Day on ABC. Plug Plug. We sat around for a bit and watched Ryan Seacrest work the crowd. Taylor Swift, Stevie Wonder and Demi Lavato are all in the special...so it was kind of fun to see how it all works. Sorry, the only star I got a shot of was Ryan Seacrest.
One of our favorite character couples of the trip was Mary and Bert. They were hysterical, bossy, fun and completely memorable. Kia got to hold her umbrella...she was thrilled.
Kia scored some fairy autographs in pixie hollow and we did some classic disney rides, like the jungle cruise and the Tiki room.
We truly had a great day and managed to do about 70% + of the rides in Disneyland that first day thanks to the light crowds.

More Disney and California Adventure photos:
Daytime shot by me, nightime shot courtesy of flickr user jdhilger. The place was decked out for the holidays. In fact the holiday season started on November 13th, so we got to see the Haunted Mansion, It's A Small World, and Sleeping Beauty Castle in all their Christmas glory, which is quite impressive! Daytime shot of Small World taken by me, nightime shot taken by Loren Javier. There were so many sweet little spots around the parks to discover. The white rabbits house, toon town, and the river boat to just name a few.
We loved California Adventure...I'd say my favorite rides were there...Flying over California, Bugs Life 3D, Toy Story Midway Mania and Kia and Russ loved the rollercoaster California Screaming and the Tower of Terror, all of which they did multiple times. The Muppet Theater was awesome, Russ talked to Crush in the interactive show (where he coined the name, Rockin' Russyl) and the Aladdin show was so good we saw it twice. The parades were amazing, especially the Christmas parade. Wow, it was jaw dropping, but my favorite favorite favorite thing of all was Fantasmic. So not original, but I crazy, over the moon loved every moment of that show. Worth the crazy long wait, and crazy crowds.
photo by PeterPanFan.

One of my favorite memories was on our first ride which was Pirates of the Caribbean. As we rounded a corner, a distinct memory of being in that exact place with my parents hit me and it was cool to be repeating the experience with Russ and Kia by my side. And before I start getting in trouble for not being in the photos, trust me, I was, just not so much on my camera. We used the photo pass for some great family photos. Can't share 'em till I buy 'em.

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