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Our Christmas Advent Tradition

I think you all know what I'm talking about, but for those who are new or forgetful, check out this link, and this link, and this link. These past years have worked out quite nicely, yet it's time to change with the times. I now have a 10 year old. Which translates into busyness, she always want to be doing, going, making. A storybook is a 3 minute distraction, that's it! So my plan this year is to give each day of the week a theme:

Monday: Cooking/Decorating
Tuesday: Making/Crafting
Wednesday: Reading
Thursday: Playing
Friday: Watching
Saturday: Going/Doing
Sunday: Spiritual Meaning

Instead of packages - I'm currently making postcards, each saying something like:

Monday: Decorate a dozen gingerbread cookies with Mom and pick a family for us to deliver them to after Family Home Evening.
Tuesday: I've made a stocking for Roopert, I need you to decorate it! I have some special decorations ready for you on your craft table.
Wednesday: Pick your favorite Santa story to read …

My Dog Ate My Favorite Ornament or Photos from the Exchange

An ornament exchange is a truly labour intensive event, but worth it when you have your wonderful pile of goodness. My favorite ornament of the night was a beautiful hand quilled snowflake, flocked with crunchy white glitter. It was so pretty. I say was, because this is it now:
My little turd ball of a dog that is banished to his suitcase bed for time and all eternity, ripped the blasted thing to bits and consumed some in the process for good measure to ensure I can in no way fix it. So I'm too depressed to share more ornament photos with you. Anyone want a dog?

Ornament Exchange and Scrooge

Two things that are filling my hours and days.

The Ornament Exchange being hosted by my friend Rachel is tomorrow. I thought it was Saturday, but it's tomorrow. There are 24 ladies involved and we make 24 ornaments to swap. For reals. I'm almost done. Not very impressive since I've had 6 - yes 6 months to work on this. Nothing like saving it to the last minute. (Shaking head in shame)

Scrooge, not the movie, not the book, I'm talking about the musical. Our ward is putting on the play/musical as our Christmas party, running two nights with a matinee. Have you ever heard of such a Christmas party? I didn't give it much thought until I was enlisted to sing and now I'm kinda gobsmacked at what a big deal this little project is. Trust me, I'll be updating you on this lots in the next few weeks.


Some points for Monday
Did you miss this furry little face? Whether you did or didn't here's Roo from today while I was in the backyard photographing some Ribbon Wands. His nose is constantly crunchy with snow when he comes in from the backyard. The hair covering his eyes makes me mental, I want to cut it but I fear the consequence would be I blind the little wiggle worm.
Okay, someone thinks I'm mad at them because of something I said on my blog. I'm baffled at what it could have been, but it's safe to say if I was I'm over it. Hope you are too!I'm working really really hard on getting all my Christmas shopping done by December 5th. I know there are some of you smiling smugly at the computer screen right now because you are already done, well on December 6th I hope to be just like you.
Reading Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card for the first time! I think some of you will find this crazy that I haven't read it yet and still others of you will wo…

Hollywood and Universal

Day 2 on our trip brought us to LA and Hollywood for one particular member of the family especially (that would be Kia).

We began the day in the original part of LA called Olvera Street. It's a beautiful spot with a traditional Mexican style plaza area and street style shopping.
We wondered through the Mexican shops looking at beautiful handcrafted wares and admired the culture (which has an alarming penchment for wrestling masks).
Then we headed to downtown Hollywood, where we posed at the Wax Museum, people watched the folks dressed up like dead celebrities, tried to fit our hands and feet into the prints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, and walked around the Kodak Theatre (home of the Oscars and Idol) which is surrounded by a lovely outdoor mall. We surprised that directly across the street from the Kodak Theatre is Jimmy Kimmel Live, interesting location we thought.
I liked seeing Kia's hands fit into Judy Garlands spot, but she had her sights set on on another pair of hand p…


Wow, what a trip! 11 days of fun packed in a blurring swirl of memories. Here's a few images from our first day at Disneyland:
We arrived bright and early on Monday morning to light crowds at the park. I managed to score this photo of the castle with not a soul in sight. Unheard of! Mind you if I had turned around it would have been a stampede of people. We rode at least 4 rides the first hour with not a minute wait time. Pirates, Haunted House, Splash Mountain and something else I have forgotten.
Can you tell we found Pooh bear right after splash mountain? Them are some soggy clothes. Tigger was just around the corner and me and Kia got our picture with him, I'll spare you the shot though because I look like an opera singer in it, in size and mouth.
While we were in the park they were filming the Christmas Day parade which is airing, when else? On Christmas Day on ABC. Plug Plug. We sat around for a bit and watched Ryan Seacrest work the crowd. Taylor Swift, Stevie Wonde…

We're home!

Safe and sound and our dog still loves us. Will update with photos and stories when I get my act together...the one above is from our last day at the Disneyland Park. With days at California Adventure, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood, Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm, San Diego Zoo, Disney and so much more, I really could bore the snot out of you with photos and such, so I'll try not to go overboard.

We truly had a great time.

Commercial Pilgrimage

Hours away from...
Photo from Mastery of Maps

Later dudes!

Lots of new recipes

I've been adding new recipes lately to the Workman Family Recipe blog. No cinnamon buns yet though! Check it out if you're interested. The cooking links on the side are worth the visit.

Through the Eyes of a Child

Cleaning my studio and I found this old quiz that was about me through Kia's perspective. Made me smile today and I figured it was worth saving and sharing:

What's the funniest thing I do? Robot mommy is pretty funny. When you sing Opera like you were a boy. The way your hair looks when you get up in the morning.

What's my favorite TV show? Lost, but I've never seen you watch it. The show I see you watch is Oprah.

How tall am I? How should I know, you're tall enough to ride anything you want at Galaxyland.

What's my favorite thing to do? scrapbook (wow this was a long time ago)

What makes me sad? When Daddy doesn't listen. (har har)

What make me laugh? Funny things in books. (yes I'm one of those people that burst out laughing when I read)

How much time do I spend on the phone? I think maybe you talk to Heather too much on the phone.

Am I a better driver than Dad? You're the same - except at night, Daddy is a better driver in the dark.

What do…

Halloween Catch-Up

Our Halloween tradition of homemade chicken noodle soup (link is to recipe I shared back in 2005) was especially welcome this year. Oh so yummy! Sorry the photo looks gross, but trust me it was delicious. I pureed the vegetables that I had used in the broth and put it all back in, which added tons of flavor. The noodle recipe is as follows:

2 eggs
1/2 tsp. salt
1 TBSP boiling water
1 TBSP Oil
Flour to make a stiff dough.

Flour board and roll into a large circle very thin! Let the rolled dough dry just a little, then slice in long rows and stack your pieces. Dice thin noodles. You can also roll it up jelly roll style and cut thin strips. Place on a clean cloth and continue drying till you add your noodles to the soup. I usually double this recipe.
Here's our little Roo in his brief but cute eye patch.
Some shots from around the house:
Kia adds to her potion collection every year. She displayed it in the front hallway this Halloween.
Here's the skull that has been gracing our door…

One of these things is kinda the same

All these things come in dozens...

Happy Anniversary to us! Russ left the sweetest card on the counter in our room today, made me all teary. Love this fella! Can't think of a better companion to have spent the last dozen years with.