Worth Doing in October

1) Focusing on exercise and eating right. A group of a dozen of us in my ward have started a weight loss group. You pay $20 bucks in the beginning of the month and each week you have a weigh-in and measure, chat about what's working and what's not. Whoever losses the highest percentage of weight at the end of the month earns all the money...so a couple hundred bucks could be yours should you work the hardest and lose the most weight. Wish me luck, I'd like some more Disney money please!
2. Finish the darn quilt! Kia's birthday looms at the end of this very busy month and I'm trying to work on the quilt for a bit everyday. I made lots of progress today, but I was supposed to be cleaning the kitchen, not sewing. Hmmm.
3. Get my car mirror reattached. Yes, I still haven't gotten this repaired and it must get done this month!

4. Young Women's Evening in Excellence is coming up and my class (the Beehives) are in charge and we're doing a country fair theme (think bake sales, fabric bunting banners, lemonade and caramel apples). I and the rest of the girls have been busy making a zillion things for this: Homemade turtle chocolates with girls, buntings, prize ribbons, scrapbook pages, nanaimo bars, invitations...the list goes on and on...with no end in sight.

5. Transform Roopert into a wonderful dog that doesn't have to go pee at 1 am in the morning and doesn't bark at every stranger, and lose his mind when the door bell rings, and not totally go into stress mode when we go away for 11 days in November.
6. Find Kia the perfect Hogwarts robe for Halloween. Or the perfect cowgirl costume. Or the greatest Cleopatra dress, or the best pirate costume you've ever seen.

7. Plan Thanksgiving for this bunch. I don't want it to feel like an afterthought, although it kinda will be. I'd like to have some fun things planned, besides lots of yummy food. Plus, I'd really love to plan a date with my hubby for the weekend.

8. Make sure all the tickets and paperwork are in order for our trip in November. There are so many little odds and ends to have ready. I'm happy that we'll have someone staying in the house, but that kinda adds to the pressure of leaving everything organized and clean, though right now I'm excited by that prospect.9. Find time for the little things: taking Kia's birthday photo shoot, making chicken noodle soup on Halloween night, baking Kia a special birthday cake, reading the book I finally got from the library, watch Christy with Kia when I get the chance, see my friends.

10. Rake and ready the yard for winter. I've had no time back there since the frosty mornings have begun and there is still so much that needs to be done in the front and back gardens. It's work that absolutely needs to get done and I need to stop procrastinating!

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