The Quilt

I love quilts. I've done some quilt piecing in the past, mainly block work that never really amounted to anything but a random, fray edged block sitting in a box with my other abandoned sewing projects. Awhile ago jean rag quilts were all the rage, and really, the process seemed super simple even to a novice like me. When I saw some minky/cotton rag quilts on Etsy, with bright modern cottons I knew I was going to give it a try.

Thus the idea was born to make Kia a quilt for her birthday. This kid of mine loves homemade things and I had no doubt she would appreciate the time and effort as well as the outcome of a project this size. I chose a palette of pink, blue, green and white - all her favorite colors and then slowly accumulated fabrics for the quilt.

I started with some basic fabrics: a vintage fabric that my mom had purchased in hopes of making something for me as a baby, white eyelet that I double lined, various Joel Dewberry's Ginseng fabrics, various Amy Butler fabrics I have collected over the years with my favorite pattern of hers ever Sky Lotus, some from Sandi Henderson's Farmers Market line, and in honor of her love of owls who could resist Alexander Henry's spotted owl print? and various quilting cottons I've collected over the years. Then the cutting began.
The original squares are 6.5 inches squared. The cotton batting inside was cut at 5 inches. The quilt is 10 squares (symbolic of her 10th birthday) x 12 squares for a total of 120 squares which translated into a total of 390 squares cut when lining is considered. Once the squares and the pattern or lack of pattern is decided the quilt comes together really quickly. One of my favorite memories in the making of this quilt is of course the vintage block in the top corner that was from my Mom's fabric collection. The other is the memory of Russ helping me snip the seams for the ragging effect. I'll always remember him crawling around the floor in his Sunday suit as we snipped and talked. Truly making this project a family affair.

Here are some more shots from our evening:
The quilt was a huge success. Yay! Between the dog, Dad and the birthday girl, everyone was vying for a turn. The next photo should make my SIL, Amy proud of us (even though we bought ours at Michaels):
And here's the standard shot of blowing out the birthday cake candles. I had big plans of making an owl birthday cake...clearly I downsized, but this ganache covered chocolate heart cake was pretty darn yummy!We celebrated her birthday a day early because tonight Kia and her entire grade 5 class have won tickets to the Oilers game. Tough times, eh?

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