Lick the Bowl

There is something delicious about today. Kia was delectable in her sleepy wakefulness this morning. I love those morning hugs where she falls sleepily into my arms for a hug, still warm from her toasty blankets, fresh from her dreams. Russ was up early, so awake and full of brightness, which is such a rare delight. I had the best walk with Roopert, the trees were frantic in the wind, and maybe that's why he decided he would be calm.

On the walk, my ears felt like blocks of ice and at one point when I pulled my chin into the zipped up warmness of my coat, I realized my face was numb from the cold.It was like a flashback of so many days spent outside as a child, as a teen, as a young woman and here today, as middle aged me. I came home and made a warm mug of herbal tea, with honey and just sat down with the dog snuggled on my lap, a blanket warming my cold limbs and felt cared for. Life is a big bowl of goodness today and I'm going to scrape out every wonderful morsel.

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