The last day of the number 9.

Double digits loom on the horizon tomorrow and I have to say out loud, online and over and over again in my aging mind, "where has the time gone?" Poof. Ten years. In the blink of an eye.

I think back to the birth, and all the surprises and worries that came after wards, to Russian missile like oxygen tanks in the living room, pumping for six months (you Mom's know what a big deal that would be), a baby who I tried to fatten up, blonde little curls that I adored at the back of her neck, snuggles, giggles, drawings that have made me melt, 7 pairs of splash boots, countless lost socks, obsessions with: Rolie Polie Olie, Bearnstain Bears, Sleeping Beauty, Anastasia, Shakespeare, Disney Princess, Fairies, Hannah Montana, and now, Taylor Swift.

You can't even begin to fit it all in a post like this, because as small as it is, it's vast and deep and wondrous even at the cusp of being ten years young.

Okay, so maybe ten years have not gone by in the blink of an eye. Perhaps it's been more of a hard stare because I realize something as I write this post, I haven't missed it. I've been right by this little girls side as she's made her way through the world for the past 9 years and 364 days and she's been right by mine in return. I've been the one waiting at the door, zipping up the coat, walking through the cool morning air, and holding growing hands with as we journey together. I appreciate that today and it feels more like an opportunity than a task.

Being Kia's Mom is a pretty phenomenal gig.

I always talk about how one child is so bittersweet. Everything is the first and the last. First day of kindergarten for her is also quite possibly the last first day for me and Russ to experience that with a child. You can be sad about it or you can just choose to live in the moment and not take these little milestones for granted.

Goodbye single digits, thanks for a great decade.

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