1. It's been freezing out. It's far too early in the year to be this darn cold if you ask me. Mother Nature didn't consult me on this BUT it makes me feel very thankful for our new furnace which is keeping us nice and toasty warm. Not to mention the wonderful assortment of old quilts and blankets that we have to snuggle up in.
  2. We went and saw the movie Fame last night as a family. Kia wanted to see it so badly, though it was a little too old for her, in my opinion. The theater was filled with members from our church, and we joked about starting with a word of prayer. The movie was okay, one of those movies that don't live up to the trailer cuz that is one good trailer. What was amazing was the voice of Naturi Naughton who played the role of Denise Dupree. Seriously this girl has an astounding voice. Goosebumps!

    Out Here On My Own - Naturi Naughton
  3. I mentioned quilts above, I find time in every day to look at quilt patterns and online quilt parades. It's such a good good obsession. They're works of art and I'd love to join the club... though the quilting process itself still baffles me. I've been checking out books from the library and hands down the best one I've found is Material Obsession and apparently there's a second volume now. YAY.
  4. I have six pie crust pucks chilling in my fridge in preparation of the big Thanksgiving Day cook off tomorrow. I want to try my hand at Turkey Pot Pie on Tuesday, I'll see if I can remember to share the results and possibly the recipe. The girls in young women loved the crust I used for the apple pies and keep asking for the recipe. I just buy Tenderflake shortening and make the recipe on the box. Though I do have a trick/tip. I mix the flour and shortening with my whisk attachment on my Kitchen Aid mixer. It does a perfect job of getting it to the oatmeal stage. Seriously, this one tip will save you oodles of time and frustration!

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