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I've had a few requests for info on the new furnace and hot water tank and since I really have nothing else to blog about - here ya go. With all these government incentives and tax breaks, it's kind of a great time to update.

Our furnace is from Armstrong Air and is their 95v enhanced model. No heating bills have arrived yet, but we're hopeful for a big difference. Our previous furnace was original to the house - that's 1972 people, so ya, it was time for a new one.

The hot water tank was an upsell. Ours was leaking a bit, and to fix it would be a couple hundred bucks. One of our quotes included a brand new hot water tank for the same price as the others cost to fix our old one. No brainer!

The hot water tank is a Rheem and is their Power Direct Vent model. A few notes from the website:

Better energy efficiency: By drawing makeup air directly from the outdoors, Rheem PDV Water Heaters do not use inside air that has been heated or cooled for comfort purposes. “A water heater that uses inside air is, in effect, wasting the energy that was expended to heat or cool that air,” explains Johnson. “Builders and remodelers looking to maximize energy savings eliminate that waste by opting for a power direct vent water heating solution.”

No negative air pressure problems: In tightly constructed modern homes with little or no air infiltration from the outside, gas appliances may not have enough interior air for proper combustion. This condition, known as negative air pressure, can undermine appliance performance and efficiency. By drawing all their air from the outdoors, Rheem PDV Water Heaters avoid this problem and the performance shortfalls that often result.

And that's about it. So far we're just at the "happy to have it over with" stage. Time will tell on the cost savings and keeping us warm in the bloody cold winter stuff.

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