Fall - ing over randomness...in one big paragraph

It's so unoriginal to love Fall, but I must hop on the band wagon and add my voice to the masses of others that adore this time of year. Kia and I walked the dog around Eastgate Lake and picked up pinecones for a craft Russ is doing with the cubs this week. It was just quintessential fall goodness. Crisp air, a cold nose, a warm jacket, a cloudy sky and I loved it. LOVED it like a crazy woman. What I'm not loving is my disaster of a house. I've been somewhat regaled to the main floor of the house this past week as workers have installed our new stuff. Every time I'd leave the room, they'd come asking for something, a phone, an extension cord, this thing, that complaint, whatever, it was just annoying and so I ended up being a useless lump all week, well a useless lump that cut out 700 fabric squares. The thing about being a useless lump is that is hard to shake yourself out of it. Motivation come and find me please! My house is in a sorry state and my excuses have run out! Then you compound conference and the stillness of that onto my already expressed lump-like-ness and I'm doomed folks doomed.

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