3 4 2sday

A few photos for today:
Doesn't the Rooster look so meek and mild in this photo? Don't be fooled folks, although it is nice to know he can pull this look off.
I spent an entire afternoon folding fabric while the furnace guys where here. My fabric is so uber organized but must reside in a room that could only be described as chaotic, and there are no photos of that!

These are the county fair ribbons I've been making for Young Women's in Excellence. I've made them all out of felt. It's so much more forgiving and cheaper than ribbon, and I think they have the kitschy, campy cuteness I was after. I have made 30ish of these little bad boys. They are going on the scrapbook page each of the girls have made to highlight their value experience/project that they are sharing for the evening and will be hanging on the walls. It's going to look super cute folks! Just trust me on this one.

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