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House Tours

I love seeing peoples homes and gardens. I love going through show homes, but would much prefer going through lived in homes. The web always finds a way to fulfill my whims. Hooked on Houses has a great Fall house tour which can be enjoyed here! It's mainly focused on Autumn and Halloween decorating ideas. Here were a few of my favorites from the above mentioned site as well as others!:

This one from Emily at Timeless Paper:

Diane Keaton's Home - YUM!Umm, Reece can I come and live with you? You won't even know I'm there, I'll just lurk around the grounds.

The Quilt

I love quilts. I've done some quilt piecing in the past, mainly block work that never really amounted to anything but a random, fray edged block sitting in a box with my other abandoned sewing projects. Awhile ago jean rag quilts were all the rage, and really, the process seemed super simple even to a novice like me. When I saw some minky/cotton rag quilts on Etsy, with bright modern cottons I knew I was going to give it a try.

Thus the idea was born to make Kia a quilt for her birthday. This kid of mine loves homemade things and I had no doubt she would appreciate the time and effort as well as the outcome of a project this size. I chose a palette of pink, blue, green and white - all her favorite colors and then slowly accumulated fabrics for the quilt.

I started with some basic fabrics: a vintage fabric that my mom had purchased in hopes of making something for me as a baby, white eyelet that I double lined, various Joel Dewberry's Ginseng fabrics, various Amy Butler fab…

The last day of the number 9.

Double digits loom on the horizon tomorrow and I have to say out loud, online and over and over again in my aging mind, "where has the time gone?" Poof. Ten years. In the blink of an eye.

I think back to the birth, and all the surprises and worries that came after wards, to Russian missile like oxygen tanks in the living room, pumping for six months (you Mom's know what a big deal that would be), a baby who I tried to fatten up, blonde little curls that I adored at the back of her neck, snuggles, giggles, drawings that have made me melt, 7 pairs of splash boots, countless lost socks, obsessions with: Rolie Polie Olie, Bearnstain Bears, Sleeping Beauty, Anastasia, Shakespeare, Disney Princess, Fairies, Hannah Montana, and now, Taylor Swift.

You can't even begin to fit it all in a post like this, because as small as it is, it's vast and deep and wondrous even at the cusp of being ten years young.

Okay, so maybe ten years have not gone by in the blink of an eye. Pe…

Halloween Costume

I mentioned our hunt for the perfect costume a few weeks ago. There is not a Hogwarts robe to be found in the Edmonton area. So pirate costume it is, because they are available in abundance! Here's some shots of Ms. Kia the pirate taken this morning:

To see some more photos check out Kia's blog here.

Done and done

Here's some pics from our Evening in Excellence - they're from my little point and shoot camera - so the quality isn't that great but you get the idea.

So happy to be done!

Just popped in to say...

Agh!!! My head is going to explode.

3 4 2sday

A few photos for today:
Doesn't the Rooster look so meek and mild in this photo? Don't be fooled folks, although it is nice to know he can pull this look off.
I spent an entire afternoon folding fabric while the furnace guys where here. My fabric is so uber organized but must reside in a room that could only be described as chaotic, and there are no photos of that!

These are the county fair ribbons I've been making for Young Women's in Excellence. I've made them all out of felt. It's so much more forgiving and cheaper than ribbon, and I think they have the kitschy, campy cuteness I was after. I have made 30ish of these little bad boys. They are going on the scrapbook page each of the girls have made to highlight their value experience/project that they are sharing for the evening and will be hanging on the walls. It's going to look super cute folks! Just trust me on this one.

The Tryptophan Effect

So incredibly full...and drowsy (see title)...from all that turkey and stuffing and wonderfulness that is so much work! We will be eating Turkey many many meals from now thanks to the sacrifice of the little fella that we roasted today. Much to be thankful for in this little green house in our cold blustery corner of Alberta: the first and the last being my family, Heaven blessed me big time with Russ and Kia (and even Roops). I'll eat some turkey to that!


It's been freezing out. It's far too early in the year to be this darn cold if you ask me. Mother Nature didn't consult me on this BUT it makes me feel very thankful for our new furnace which is keeping us nice and toasty warm. Not to mention the wonderful assortment of old quilts and blankets that we have to snuggle up in. We went and saw the movie Fame last night as a family. Kia wanted to see it so badly, though it was a little too old for her, in my opinion. The theater was filled with members from our church, and we joked about starting with a word of prayer. The movie was okay, one of those movies that don't live up to the trailer cuz that is one good trailer. What was amazing was the voice of Naturi Naughton who played the role of Denise Dupree. Seriously this girl has an astounding voice. Goosebumps!
Out Here On My Own - Naturi NaughtonI mentioned quilts above, I find time in every day to look at quilt patterns and online quilt parades. It's suc…

Stairs just wanna have fun

Link discovered through Joanna at A Cup of Jo.


Lick the Bowl

There is something delicious about today. Kia was delectable in her sleepy wakefulness this morning. I love those morning hugs where she falls sleepily into my arms for a hug, still warm from her toasty blankets, fresh from her dreams. Russ was up early, so awake and full of brightness, which is such a rare delight. I had the best walk with Roopert, the trees were frantic in the wind, and maybe that's why he decided he would be calm.

On the walk, my ears felt like blocks of ice and at one point when I pulled my chin into the zipped up warmness of my coat, I realized my face was numb from the cold.It was like a flashback of so many days spent outside as a child, as a teen, as a young woman and here today, as middle aged me. I came home and made a warm mug of herbal tea, with honey and just sat down with the dog snuggled on my lap, a blanket warming my cold limbs and felt cared for. Life is a big bowl of goodness today and I'm going to scrape out every wonderful morsel.

Worth Doing in October

1) Focusing on exercise and eating right. A group of a dozen of us in my ward have started a weight loss group. You pay $20 bucks in the beginning of the month and each week you have a weigh-in and measure, chat about what's working and what's not. Whoever losses the highest percentage of weight at the end of the month earns all the a couple hundred bucks could be yours should you work the hardest and lose the most weight. Wish me luck, I'd like some more Disney money please!
2. Finish the darn quilt! Kia's birthday looms at the end of this very busy month and I'm trying to work on the quilt for a bit everyday. I made lots of progress today, but I was supposed to be cleaning the kitchen, not sewing. Hmmm.
3. Get my car mirror reattached. Yes, I still haven't gotten this repaired and it must get done this month!

4. Young Women's Evening in Excellence is coming up and my class (the Beehives) are in charge and we're doing a country fair…

Fall - ing over one big paragraph

It's so unoriginal to love Fall, but I must hop on the band wagon and add my voice to the masses of others that adore this time of year. Kia and I walked the dog around Eastgate Lake and picked up pinecones for a craft Russ is doing with the cubs this week. It was just quintessential fall goodness. Crisp air, a cold nose, a warm jacket, a cloudy sky and I loved it. LOVED it like a crazy woman. What I'm not loving is my disaster of a house. I've been somewhat regaled to the main floor of the house this past week as workers have installed our new stuff. Every time I'd leave the room, they'd come asking for something, a phone, an extension cord, this thing, that complaint, whatever, it was just annoying and so I ended up being a useless lump all week, well a useless lump that cut out 700 fabric squares. The thing about being a useless lump is that is hard to shake yourself out of it. Motivation come and find me please! My house is in a sorry state and my exc…

For those interested

I've had a few requests for info on the new furnace and hot water tank and since I really have nothing else to blog about - here ya go. With all these government incentives and tax breaks, it's kind of a great time to update.

Our furnace is from Armstrong Air and is their 95v enhanced model. No heating bills have arrived yet, but we're hopeful for a big difference. Our previous furnace was original to the house - that's 1972 people, so ya, it was time for a new one.

The hot water tank was an upsell. Ours was leaking a bit, and to fix it would be a couple hundred bucks. One of our quotes included a brand new hot water tank for the same price as the others cost to fix our old one. No brainer!

The hot water tank is a Rheem and is their Power Direct Vent model. A few notes from the website: Better energy efficiency: By drawing makeup air directly from the outdoors, Rheem PDV Water Heaters do not use inside air that has been heated or cooled for comfort purposes. “A wat…