The Wise Old Owl

Something you may not know about me...I love Mr. Dressup. It was the show I lived for as a kid. When I was a teenager he came to my high school theatre to do a show and I got to help with the trunk. A highlight of my life. I even had him sign my jean jacket. That I wore. In grade 11. He was that cool to me. I digress, because the point of the story is that next to the tickle trunk and only slightly before the crafts he would make with masking tape and posterboard, my favorite Mr. Dressup segments were of when he would ask the painting of the wise old owl questions. Man I loved that.

Kia has a love for owls born out of entirely different reasons. One being, she loves birds, and owls are a pretty cool bird. Second, she has a mother that constantly shows her things on Etsy. Owls like this, and this and let us not forget the cuteness of this. So how could she not adore owls?
She's been wanting to make one for ages, but we always seem to forget, or remember at bedtime. Finally this week, we actually scheduled a time to do it. It was a family affair, Kia designed the owl, picked out the entire fabric palette and buttons and helped cut it all out, I did the sewing, her and dad sewed on the button eyes, she stuffed it and I stitched up the stuffing opening.

You absolutely must use fusible web for the wings, eyes and beak. It just insures the edges won't fray and you can manipulate the shapes better, plus the kids can then cut the fabric like it's paper, which is an awesome feature with this craft.

Here's a photo of what it looked like before I sewed the back and front together:
And here's the finished stuffed owl:
She wanted a jean pocket on the back, so she could fill it with Kia stuff (think paper notebooks, lipgloss, little toys). I wish I would have had her trim the pocket better, but alas, she loves it and in the end that's what matters, plus jean fringes nicely when washed so it could look cute.

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