List of Complaints

We have a new working furnace that is 95% efficient in a 60% efficient house. You do the math. We also had a new hot water tank installed, it's some new fangled thing that is uber energy efficient except, um, it's kind of not working and I haven't had a bath since Saturday night. Saturday night people! It's not going to be working tonight, so we're off to the local pool. Showers are required.

In my time at home, as I slowly go mad from the dog constantly barking at all the strange men in the house and the banging of sheet metal, and the smells coming from the basement, I've been making these little Heather Bailey flowers for evening in excellence coming up later in October. They have been the happy lining in my otherwise greasy and loud day. Check out the link to Heather's site in my side bar under inspirations if your interested in this project.

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