Yesterday we were inspired by Oprah's show on the 60's and so we dug out my old hot curler set and put them on Miss Kia. Twelve big, fat steamy rollers and 20 minutes later, we had some cute waves and lots of body in her hair. Now she wants to know if we can do this before school...umm.. maybe for picture day kiddo.

I've been having a great time sewing up a storm in the quiet hours of the early afternoon. I'm working on a jean rag quilt for Russ and a more colorful version (as above) for Kia as a birthday present for her 10th b'day. I've made a few of these smaller version as baby shower gifts, they make the most wonderful baby snugglies and the back is a wonderful uber soft minky that is perfect against baby skin. I also sewed up some rag bean bags. The trick is to fill with weighted beads so the bean bags are completely washable. Kia and I love how they have turned out.

In other news: Our trip to Disneyland is finally booked and we head out in November for 11 days in Southern California (we have some fun day trips to the San Diego Zoo and the like planned). Oh and while we're on the topic of big ticket purchases...Our furnace died and we are replacing with a high efficiency model. A blessing and a curse, but when it rains it pours right?
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