Family Photo Finds

Since I shared some really old Workman family photos a couple weeks ago, I thought I'd revisit the idea with some older family photos from the past few years. Just odd snapshots that I pulled from my computer. Little stories...
I think this was Nate's baptism weekend. I love the height difference between these two.
Playing Rukshuk last summer at C & A's. Bree's B'day cupcakes baking in the oven (of which we did not do Amy proud).
Ol' MacDonald Resort...Do you remember that last day at the beach with the sand castle competition and the kids wanting so badly to make something cool. The sword was pretty nice, and notice those little boys on either side wanting so badly to smooth and build the sand, but as I recall it was invitation only.
Same camp, just before Russ and me took the kids on a ride through the campground in the back of the truck.
This one cracks me up, because we have SO MUCH STUFF. Holy cow! How did we get it all there?
Cute combo. Enough said.
She was always dirty, as I remember. Happily playing in the mud, or the ash, or whatever she could find.
A cute one of D and his little princess.
The big splash competition in Fairmont...still annoyed that he didn't get a better score. He was robbed I tell you!
Another Fairmont moment that is just too precious. Look at those two little sleepy faces.
Love the cool colors and then the pop of George and his orangeness. I have so many extreme photos of this guy from that weekend.
Last but not least a cute one of C & M. Hope you enjoyed a few photos from our not so long ago past.

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