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List of Complaints

We have a new working furnace that is 95% efficient in a 60% efficient house. You do the math. We also had a new hot water tank installed, it's some new fangled thing that is uber energy efficient except, um, it's kind of not working and I haven't had a bath since Saturday night. Saturday night people! It's not going to be working tonight, so we're off to the local pool. Showers are required.

In my time at home, as I slowly go mad from the dog constantly barking at all the strange men in the house and the banging of sheet metal, and the smells coming from the basement, I've been making these little Heather Bailey flowers for evening in excellence coming up later in October. They have been the happy lining in my otherwise greasy and loud day. Check out the link to Heather's site in my side bar under inspirations if your interested in this project.

Something Funny

I've been busy busy working on Kia's birthday quilt. I ended up carpeting the front room floor with squares yesterday and I realized that my math skills leave something to be desired. This quilt has the proportions necessary to blanket our roof line, should I continue onward with this way of thinking...but the good news is, I'm done cutting squares for the top and can now focus on the lining. Trust me, this makes me giddy with happiness, you, probably not so much.

I should share a photo or tell a story or something in this post. So here's a terrible photoshop image I attempted of putting an image of a squirrel into this tree. It makes me laugh so hard at my pathetic skills at trickery. It's just so bad, it's worthy of sharing. Enjoy!

The Wise Old Owl

Something you may not know about me...I love Mr. Dressup. It was the show I lived for as a kid. When I was a teenager he came to my high school theatre to do a show and I got to help with the trunk. A highlight of my life. I even had him sign my jean jacket. That I wore. In grade 11. He was that cool to me. I digress, because the point of the story is that next to the tickle trunk and only slightly before the crafts he would make with masking tape and posterboard, my favorite Mr. Dressup segments were of when he would ask the painting of the wise old owl questions. Man I loved that.

Kia has a love for owls born out of entirely different reasons. One being, she loves birds, and owls are a pretty cool bird. Second, she has a mother that constantly shows her things on Etsy. Owls like this, and this and let us not forget the cuteness of this. So how could she not adore owls? She's been wanting to make one for ages, but we always seem to forget, or remember at bedtim…

Canada 411

Maybe Rick Mercer should have been my Social Studies teacher.


Etsy produces some great little project ideas as they spotlight various craft artists. This project is taken from Anne Quinn's book entitled Felt Furnishings. You can find the free Etsy tutorial for this one here.


Yesterday we were inspired by Oprah's show on the 60's and so we dug out my old hot curler set and put them on Miss Kia. Twelve big, fat steamy rollers and 20 minutes later, we had some cute waves and lots of body in her hair. Now she wants to know if we can do this before school...umm.. maybe for picture day kiddo.

I've been having a great time sewing up a storm in the quiet hours of the early afternoon. I'm working on a jean rag quilt for Russ and a more colorful version (as above) for Kia as a birthday present for her 10th b'day. I've made a few of these smaller version as baby shower gifts, they make the most wonderful baby snugglies and the back is a wonderful uber soft minky that is perfect against baby skin. I also sewed up some rag bean bags. The trick is to fill with weighted beads so the bean bags are completely washable. Kia and I love how they have turned out.

In other news: Our trip to Disneyland is finally booked and we head out in November …


I had the most fun yesterday baking pies. Who knew I would love the process of pie making so very much? The process feels so old fashioned and truly is one of the most satisfying cooking experiences out there, my only complaints were the intense heat of my kitchen (hot oven, steamy dishwasher and blaring sunshine triad of uber hotness). I made apple pie(s) and chocolate mousse pie(s) for an activity night with the girls. So fun!

I tried to take photos but I suck at food photography! It is an art form I do not possess, as it never looks as good on the screen as it does in person, but maybe because the smell is missing. Oh and I totally forgot to take photos of the chocolate mousse pie in all it's finished glory so I just nabbed one from the leftovers in my fridge.

In the Raw

This dog...sigh and deep's been almost 4 months with Roopert. We had no idea what we were getting into that day we chose him from the Edmonton Humane Society, and darn our loyal hides, we made a commitment and Workman's follow through (my people however, not so much). There are days where I adore him and days where I wish he'd just go away and leave me alone. Our relationship is clearly dysfunctional. Russ and Kia don't seem to have the roller coaster of emotion that I have though, so that's nice.

Anyways, I thought I'd share something you might not know or even care to know, especially if you don't own or intend to own a dog. You have my permission to move on now and go to one of the many wonderful sites I link to in my sidebar. We thought finding a dog food would be simply a matter of going to the store and buying a bag. In our case we soon discovered this would not be such an easy answer, Yorkies are picky eaters. Ours was the king of …

Update on post below

It's amazing to me how a marriage can go from intimacy to virtual strangers within the space of few sentences. Things with my neighbour have definitely progressed. Thanks to everyone who offered words of advice and ideas. I very much appreciate them and hope I can be a good neighbour to this family during this time in their lives.

Marriage, what's the secret?

Oh, my heart's so heavy. My neighbor met me outside her home this morning, completely distraught, as I walked by her house with Kia on our way to school. Her marriage of many years had all but ended overnight, upon her husband admitting to loving another, leaving her and her kids red eyed and scared. I stood there in the middle of the road, with a squirming dog under my arm, my shocked kid (who heard it all) and a crying woman, desperate for support and reassurance, which I tried to provide, trying to take it all in.

This morning kind of took me by surprise.

The thought hit me, later as I took the dog for a brief walk (like 15 minutes brief) that I had never really seen the immediate aftereffects of a family break up. I've always been partisan to the phone call breaking the news, or hearing it through someone else. Well, today I can quite honestly say that I feel like a fool. I will never again be able to think of any of those moments without the image of my heartbroken neighbor…


At any given moment in our home, you can hear the bemoaning of a Dad not ready for his little girl to be growing up so fast, well that and the jaunty ringing of Rooperts dog tags clinking together as he bounces through the house (but that's beside the point). She really is growing up, and there are moments when you catch a glimpse of her, well, it's like you can see into time. You suddenly get a brief glimpse of a teenager, an adult, a woman. It's disconcerting. BIG TIME. Yet it's also pretty darn cool. 60/40 cool. This photo above makes me think of some grungy ad from the 90's selling clothes to disinterested teenagers. Don't ask me why, it just does.

Photo Challenge a la Kari Lynn

Go into your 9th photo folder and pick out the 7th picture, in honor of today's date of course. Share!
This was in the 8th birthday party folder...7th in. I had tried to be creative about taking her 8th birthday cake photo...alas, the idea was bigger than my camera's capabilities...

The Best

I've always loved her. I remember my brother Scott bought me the tape of her debut release for Christmas in 1985 and I listened to it so much the print on the tape faded and it was just a black tape in the case. I've been mad she's been wasting her talent for so many darn years but I have to admit that I'm thrilled she's back...with a more weathered voice and some major stories to tell. So here's my all time favorite Whitney Houston performance - one I've listened to countless times, because it doesn't get better than this in my opinion.

Family Photo Finds

Since I shared some really old Workman family photos a couple weeks ago, I thought I'd revisit the idea with some older family photos from the past few years. Just odd snapshots that I pulled from my computer. Little stories...
I think this was Nate's baptism weekend. I love the height difference between these two.
Playing Rukshuk last summer at C & A's. Bree's B'day cupcakes baking in the oven (of which we did not do Amy proud).
Ol' MacDonald Resort...Do you remember that last day at the beach with the sand castle competition and the kids wanting so badly to make something cool. The sword was pretty nice, and notice those little boys on either side wanting so badly to smooth and build the sand, but as I recall it was invitation only.
Same camp, just before Russ and me took the kids on a ride through the campground in the back of the truck.
This one cracks me up, because we have SO MUCH STUFF. Holy cow! How did we get it all there?
Cute combo. Enough said…

A Ray of Light

A snapshot from the backyard. There's a hint of smoke in the air from forest fires burning way off in the distance and these great shafts of light were beaming down in the backyard. I'm taking a moment to rest from my grocery shopping exploits. It's discount Tuesday which is the day I get the majority of my grocery shopping done and then spend a majority of my afternoon squirreling it all away in my house with little to no storage. It's so super fun.

What was fun, for real, was the happy mail day that awaited me when I got home. Two orders from Etsy and one order from Ebay arrived. YAY. No bills...just stuff. Can't beat that folks!