Pre-Garden Party

Every year our ward (church) has an end of summer garden party at a members house. This year, it's at our home. I kept forgetting it was here. Every Sunday I was reminded when it was announced in church and would promise to do some work to prepare the yard. Well, work better be done cuz this shin dig is tonight!

Some thoughts about the party:
  • Let's hope the neighbours don't decide it's time to mow and trim the hedges like they did when I had the Laurels over for a party a couple years ago. I swear we just sat down when the very loud motors started and we could barely hear one another. Nice.
  • Parking. Hmmm. Where would 40+ park on our street? We'll find out.
  • I always worry about old people falling on my stone steps in the back. Old people and little people. I'm hoping the first aid kit remains unneeded.
  • Where are we going to put all the food?
  • Where am I going to find enough spoons to serve said food with?
  • I'm making the punch and have no punch bowl. Let's hope I can find one to borrow by noon.
  • The dog. Lord, the dog could be a menace - but that's Russyl's department.
  • I still have a good hours worth of weeding outside and must move the recycling madness upstairs.

A few of the thoughts and worries I'm currently enjoying. Photos to follow and updates on where everyone fit coming in the next day or so.

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