The long weekend of new experiences

Odd title choice, I was going to go with: The long weekend of new stuff - but that makes it sound like we went on a shopping spree - which we did not. I'm married to a man (gasp) that does not like to go and do the same thing twice, with a few exceptions that include his stomach and sand, for the most part he is not a fan of repeats. For instance, he will rarely watch a movie more than once, if we were to suggest we go to the museum he would look at us as though we had lost our minds because he has already gone there and seen all there was to see in our 2 hour visit. So entertaining this husband of mine can be like making pastry in July - difficult to say the least.

Right, the title.

It was my plan to fill the weekend with new experiences. Things we haven't experienced before. Cue crickets chirping in my brain when said idea was conjured. This was me, scratching head, thinking: well if I haven't thought of it before, why would I conjure it up now? It turned out to be not that hard of a mission, well so far, because I've quite nicely used up 2 of my three ideas, with two more days to go.

Experience 1: A Taste of India

Friday's idea was food related. Russ is not very adventureous when it comes to food, and I, well I could be fat in any country. I seem to love it all. So I pushed the family out the door on Friday and pulled up in front of an oddly shaped office type building in the industrial area of Sherwood Park for Indian food. It was dimly lit with deep colored plum and red walls and the smell was fantastic. Because it was all new and the menu names were in a foreign language with english descriptions, reading the menu took like 14 minutes, then we had to review what we read and think about what we wanted to eat.

So we did what any good Canadian eater does, we chose the buffet. Only all the dishes were still listed in a foreign language and we didn't have the menu's to explain anymore. I just piled on everything and hoped for the best. Filling Kia's plate was more difficult - I recognized butter chicken and so I pretty much just loaded her up with that and jasmine rice and also this other dish that looked like lovely cubes of chicken breast smothered in a sauce but ended up being potatoes. Who knew (Indian people, that's who!).

Kia drank many glasses of water, it was just so spicy for her palette. She was such a good sport about the whole thing. I would have been a royal pain in the arse, had my parents ventured into such an establishment when I was nine. She got excited about the dessert table when the waiter described one of the dishes as donuts soaked in a light syrup. She is a donut conniseaur of the highest order. Later she said this, "Mom, those were the grossest donuts I have ever eaten in my life, my life!" Clearly, the foods of India did not make a conquest that night.

Russ discovered that he likes Tandoori chicken, as he ate at least half a chicken in his enjoyment. I liked this chicken dish with red and green peppers that I can't recall the name of, a Lamb Goulash and these spicy tempura covered veggies. Sorry, I'm not a linguist and can't recall all the names, it was a more organic experience rather than an educational one. Though we did find a grasshopper in the bathroom happily hopping about, for luck or lack of housekeeping, we'll never know.

Experience 2: COMING SOON....

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