The latest buzz

Or lack thereof. The past week has been productive and quiet with many ongoing projects around the house. I'm almost completely caught up with my gardening, which is really saying something. Weeding is truly something that I neglect and then must do marathon weeding sessions to correct - which I have been doing over the past two weekends and now am happily reaping the reward, though my body is cramped and sore from the task.

Kia is on the final countdown for summer and is now trying to cram in as much stuff as she possibly can in the 3 short weeks left before school starts. We've started a summer scrapbook project and by doing so, realize that we've done an awful lot of stuff already this summer, camping excluded.

Russ is busy with work and projects at home. Last night, he finished a beautiful cedar beach chair that he made in his workshop. We're all very impressed with his ability to make things and the bar continues to be raise with what I want him to do around the house. He also finished roofing the shed, which means I can actually store the patio cushions in there without them getting wet. Truly, it's the little things in life that make me happy.

This week the weather is looking good, Kia has 3 sleep overs scheduled and I have a bathroom to finish painting. We need to powerwash the back patio and seal the concrete we missed last year because, people, the garden party for all the ladies in my church is only two weeks away!!!! AGHHHHHH!

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