In just 4 years...

Let's have a little journey shall we?
Grade 1: First Day at a brand new school. Lots of butterflies!

First Day of School

Grade 2: I look at this picture and I admire the flowers and I also think "what a crappy backpack that was". Started ripping apart inside within a couple months.
Grade 3: I guess I didn't garden that summer cuz the front flowerbed looks like crap. Kia was so excited for grade 3.
Grade 4: Same backpack as grade 3 (and still using it this year actually). Much more interested in the back to school clothes shopping then ever before.
Today. Grade 5. Look how big the trees are in the garden. Look how grown up she is looking. Sniff sniff. She wasn't nervous at all this morning, but then she may have used that all up the past week. We got there nice and early and she was pleased to discover a few great friends will be in the same class.

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