Garden Party

A smackerel of photos - I didn't think to take many, as I was busy helping find spoons, wipe spills and make punch, but a few that at least show the number of woman we fit back there!

The weather cooperated and the garden party was a success. Over 50 ladies attended the annual Relief Society Enrichment summer potluck that was held in my backyard (this year). I jokingly told people that I was hoping to "lower the bar" so when people were approached to host the party next summer they'd think, "I can at least do as good as Nikki!" Tee hee. In all honesty it was fun for us to host it and it allowed me to do something I have rarely done in August's past...weed!

The weather has been great since and I just got back inside from an hour spent on the trampoline snuggled up in blankets, the three of us, star gazing. Kia saw her first falling star. Doesn't get much better than that!
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