Exploring some old photographs...

Thought I'd share some Workman family photos that I've been scanning into the computer, off and on. Eventually I want to save all photos to disk and send out to the family, then return the albums to Mom and Dad. I'm getting closer! It's only taken me a couple years (yes, really)...

Anyways, here's some shots that should take you guys down memory lane:Nice legs Verna! Russ says this photo above was taken at Mara Lake. The beach below is still unknown...
Wait for it...how cute is my future husband on his Tonka truck, I mean really! Nice cast.
Russ thinks this was at Fairmont. Any objections? Considering it's the hubby's b'day this Sunday, this photo seem appropriate. Plus I love the wallpaper and the matching mustard colored phone. Classic 70's.
And because I just can't get enough,another kitchen shot and what looks like another birthday...whose was it? Dad's? He's holding a card and the children and are appropriately stand offish. Um Happy Birthday Shelly. LOL. Dad, who knew you were the family photographer?!
I love this photo of all the siblings in the tent trailer. There are so many little details to enjoy.

A family photo that centers around the baby, Darren, who probably did some showboating to get attention. Love this one...I think that old family photos teach us some important lessons about photography. You need to capture the environment as much as you the people to capture the story. That kitchen you may not like at the time, will be looked back on with fondness and stories will bubble to the surface. Designer digs aren't necessary for what really matters.

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