Elk Island Picnic and Hike

Roopert attracted burrs constantly on our hike. It was like a big grand adventure for the Rooster, he was extremely well behaved and had us asking ourselves, "who is this little guy?" and "when did we get so lucky?" Oh and if you're curious what that little blue thing on his back is...it's a backpack. Yup, Russ bought him a backpack and it really is something that makes me smile and shake my head when I see him wearing it. It says, "outward hound".
Kia constantly stopped to groom him and pull the little green bits out. The hike ended up being a tad too long for her (6 km) and she suffered for the last bit, but managed to push through it and I think she was impressed that she did.
I enjoyed stopping and taking photos of all the wild little pretty things along the path, when I wasn't carefully sidestepping Bison dung.
My 3 favorite wild pretty things, and very hot things. Whomever had the idea to go out to Elk Island and enjoy nature today should be rewarded...it was really a brilliant idea.
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