Cheater Experience No.3

Disclaimer: I'm skipping Sunday, we DID do something new, but I took no photographs and needed it, so we will just have to have repeat and do it again with the camera at a later date. Monday we decided to stay home. Hmmm...what can we do at home that is new?...and appropriate to share with blog readers (dirty minded friends)?
Some time ago Russ got a new cabinet saw for his workshop. It has sat unused but dearly loved ever since. He'd turned it on and made the occassional cut and marvelled at it's super quiet purr, but that's about as far as it's gotten. No more. Russ decided that his new experience would be to complete a project on his table saw. I think he's making cedar beach chairs. The workshop smells FANTASTIC and I for one think he needs ongoing cedar projects just to maintain the wonderful scent.

I had started a fire outside at around 10:30. It was a blue skied day but there was a chill in the air and since we'd be home all day I didn't think anyone would mind the chance to warm up by the fire. The cedar cutoffs that Russ supplied led to some great smelling fire. My project for the day was supposed to be painting the downstairs bathroom. As the photo above indicates, that didn't happen. Instead I went on a weeding rampage, a fraction of which is captured in the above photograph (before and after respectively) I filled up our entire organics cart with weeds, no easy feat. It was a lot of work, but very satisfying. Kia spent the day listening to my iPod around the firepit, watching movies and occassionally helping outside, but for the most part she worked on her journal/scrapbook and ate saskatoon berries off the bushes in the backyard (note the red bowl on the table - oh alright I'll give you a closer look).

I've lived her for four years and this is by far the best crop of saskatoons I've ever had. There are so many! I could easily have filled this bowl to the brim 2 or 3 times over. My nanking cherries are coming in just as heavy. Kia keeps calling them blueberries. I'm okay with this, as they substitue wonderfully in recipes for blueberries and we made a delicious batch of saskatoon berry muffins for Family Home Evening. Yum!

Weeding revealed a few other treasures around the yard that I thought I'd share some flowers of the season in closing. The orange flowers in my planter are nasturtiums that I started from seed, they are a great annual that grows from seed outdoors nicely in our northern climate.

One of my favorite garden flowers of the moment above: Black Eyed Susans. I dream of a huge clump of these in my back woodland garden. Time and patience for that one.

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