3 sleeps till school

Can. You. Even. Believe. It? School, already? WHAT? Inconceivable. A few thoughts for today...

I was under the impression (for four years) that the cherry bushes in my backyard were Nanking cherries. Not so. They are Evans cherries and I have a bumper crop of them. I don't really know what to do with them all but photograph them. I've eaten many (que sour face), so have the squirrels and so have the birds...and that may be as good as it gets.
So here's a photo of the chairs Russ has been working on. They smell glorious and are extremely nice to look at. I lack a certain grace when sitting on them as they were built low to the ground for beach use, but I'm thrilled with how they turned out and look in the backyard.

Miss. Kia. I don't know how many of you read my tweets on the side, but I mentioned a few days that her best friends always move away. In grade 3 it was Madison, in grade 4 it was Danielle and now in the beginning of grade 5 it's Emily. My poor little girl is heartbroken that Emily is moving and feels suddenly scared and alone as she faces the grade 5 year without her best friend. It makes my heart hurt.
Since she heard the news there have been tears and tummy aches but she's also gaining some courage and more importantly, faith. She realizes that faith is something she can actually use, and not some word on a page. That is pretty darn cool. We're surprising her tonight by taking her out to her favorite restuarant, and then having a family movie. A pre grade 5 family bash for our best girl.

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