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Some of my fav Back to School finds

Though I have complained long and loud about back to school shopping this year, I secretly love it. Especially the school supplies but the clothes are fun too. Here are a few of the items I love from this years shopathon:

Bit the bullet and bought one of these bad boys today. Its the coolest lunch box ever and it's made out of wetsuit material of all things. I love that it sits flat should she miraculously eat everything in her lunch. It's simple, environmental friendly and I can see it going with her into the junior high years. Nice and I got it locally at London Drugs for under $20. Kia and I do all sorts of little crafty projects to personalize her school supplies. She's really into the color green right now, as well as recycled stuff and we love crafting with DCWV's Green Stack. It is the cutest. Check out your local scrap store or HomeSense for deals. Pencil cases. Remember this? I'm in the process of sewing her a new one for this year (but she's …

In just 4 years...

Let's have a little journey shall we?
Grade 1: First Day at a brand new school. Lots of butterflies!

Grade 2: I look at this picture and I admire the flowers and I also think "what a crappy backpack that was". Started ripping apart inside within a couple months. Grade 3: I guess I didn't garden that summer cuz the front flowerbed looks like crap. Kia was so excited for grade 3.
Grade 4: Same backpack as grade 3 (and still using it this year actually). Much more interested in the back to school clothes shopping then ever before.
Today. Grade 5. Look how big the trees are in the garden. Look how grown up she is looking. Sniff sniff. She wasn't nervous at all this morning, but then she may have used that all up the past week. We got there nice and early and she was pleased to discover a few great friends will be in the same class.

Elk Island Picnic and Hike

Roopert attracted burrs constantly on our hike. It was like a big grand adventure for the Rooster, he was extremely well behaved and had us asking ourselves, "who is this little guy?" and "when did we get so lucky?" Oh and if you're curious what that little blue thing on his back's a backpack. Yup, Russ bought him a backpack and it really is something that makes me smile and shake my head when I see him wearing it. It says, "outward hound".
Kia constantly stopped to groom him and pull the little green bits out. The hike ended up being a tad too long for her (6 km) and she suffered for the last bit, but managed to push through it and I think she was impressed that she did.
I enjoyed stopping and taking photos of all the wild little pretty things along the path, when I wasn't carefully sidestepping Bison dung.
My 3 favorite wild pretty things, and very hot things. Whomever had the idea to go out to Elk Island and enjoy nature today shoul…

3 sleeps till school

Can. You. Even. Believe. It? School, already? WHAT? Inconceivable. A few thoughts for today...

I was under the impression (for four years) that the cherry bushes in my backyard were Nanking cherries. Not so. They are Evans cherries and I have a bumper crop of them. I don't really know what to do with them all but photograph them. I've eaten many (que sour face), so have the squirrels and so have the birds...and that may be as good as it gets.
So here's a photo of the chairs Russ has been working on. They smell glorious and are extremely nice to look at. I lack a certain grace when sitting on them as they were built low to the ground for beach use, but I'm thrilled with how they turned out and look in the backyard.

Miss. Kia. I don't know how many of you read my tweets on the side, but I mentioned a few days that her best friends always move away. In grade 3 it was Madison, in grade 4 it was Danielle and now in the beginning of grade 5 it's Emily. My po…

Garden Party

A smackerel of photos - I didn't think to take many, as I was busy helping find spoons, wipe spills and make punch, but a few that at least show the number of woman we fit back there!

The weather cooperated and the garden party was a success. Over 50 ladies attended the annual Relief Society Enrichment summer potluck that was held in my backyard (this year). I jokingly told people that I was hoping to "lower the bar" so when people were approached to host the party next summer they'd think, "I can at least do as good as Nikki!" Tee hee. In all honesty it was fun for us to host it and it allowed me to do something I have rarely done in August's past...weed!

The weather has been great since and I just got back inside from an hour spent on the trampoline snuggled up in blankets, the three of us, star gazing. Kia saw her first falling star. Doesn't get much better than that!

Pre-Garden Party

Every year our ward (church) has an end of summer garden party at a members house. This year, it's at our home. I kept forgetting it was here. Every Sunday I was reminded when it was announced in church and would promise to do some work to prepare the yard. Well, work better be done cuz this shin dig is tonight!

Some thoughts about the party:
Let's hope the neighbours don't decide it's time to mow and trim the hedges like they did when I had the Laurels over for a party a couple years ago. I swear we just sat down when the very loud motors started and we could barely hear one another. Nice. Parking. Hmmm. Where would 40+ park on our street? We'll find out. I always worry about old people falling on my stone steps in the back. Old people and little people. I'm hoping the first aid kit remains unneeded. Where are we going to put all the food? Where am I going to find enough spoons to serve said food with? I'm making the punch and have no punch bowl.…

Exploring some old photographs...

Thought I'd share some Workman family photos that I've been scanning into the computer, off and on. Eventually I want to save all photos to disk and send out to the family, then return the albums to Mom and Dad. I'm getting closer! It's only taken me a couple years (yes, really)...

Anyways, here's some shots that should take you guys down memory lane:Nice legs Verna! Russ says this photo above was taken at Mara Lake. The beach below is still unknown...
Wait for cute is my future husband on his Tonka truck, I mean really! Nice cast.
Russ thinks this was at Fairmont. Any objections? Considering it's the hubby's b'day this Sunday, this photo seem appropriate. Plus I love the wallpaper and the matching mustard colored phone. Classic 70's.
And because I just can't get enough,another kitchen shot and what looks like another birthday...whose was it? Dad's? He's holding a card and the children and are appropriately stand offish. Um Happy Bi…


It was bound to happen. Kia has been having a great ill free spring/summer. No more. She's down for the count folks, we even cancelled our weekend plans in Jasper (birthday plans for the hubster) because we doubt she'll be up to the hiking. So my days have been quiet, crazy haired ones spent puttering around the house cleaning, and organizing. I've been listening to book cd's as I work, great tool to stay busy to!

Blog Recommendation

Confession: Sometimes I don't share great blogs. I like to hoard them to myself, and keep it rare and secret. It's truly a horrible habit I have, but in an effort to improve I feel safe in sharing this one with you. Ali outed it a few days ago and now the whole world probably knows just how wonderful this little corner of the web is. So, maybe I'm not really sharing, as much as agreeing with the masses...this is one fantastic blog. It will make you think and in doing so, you may just become an even more awesome individual: Ordinary Courage


Having fun with TTV techiques this morning...

TTV is a technique where you take a photograph through the viewfinder of another camera. Clearly it can be faked through photoshop, as demonstrated above. I used this great tutorial by Joe Philipson and then found some flickr backgrounds by Grittypix and logotip to use in the trying. Truly simple and completely addictive. Elsie Flannigan made a fantastic wall of TTV photos using LP frames from Michaels. LOVE!In other news it's date night! Kia is off to a sleep over and Russ and I are taking advantage of the event by a much needed night on the town, being grown ups. YAY! So far we have tickets to a comedy club in town and the rest is up to whim and opportunity. Have a great weekend!

The latest buzz

Or lack thereof. The past week has been productive and quiet with many ongoing projects around the house. I'm almost completely caught up with my gardening, which is really saying something. Weeding is truly something that I neglect and then must do marathon weeding sessions to correct - which I have been doing over the past two weekends and now am happily reaping the reward, though my body is cramped and sore from the task.

Kia is on the final countdown for summer and is now trying to cram in as much stuff as she possibly can in the 3 short weeks left before school starts. We've started a summer scrapbook project and by doing so, realize that we've done an awful lot of stuff already this summer, camping excluded.

Russ is busy with work and projects at home. Last night, he finished a beautiful cedar beach chair that he made in his workshop. We're all very impressed with his ability to make things and the bar continues to be raise with what I want him to do arou…


The Resort at Paws Up in Montana looks like the perfect getaway to me today. Discovered through Southern Wedding website. Just had to share. It's been a quiet day of scrapbooking here (and walking the dog - what's new there). I'm about to go and paint some more of the bathroom, need to finish that bad boy!

Cheater Experience No.3

Disclaimer: I'm skipping Sunday, we DID do something new, but I took no photographs and needed it, so we will just have to have repeat and do it again with the camera at a later date. Monday we decided to stay home. Hmmm...what can we do at home that is new?...and appropriate to share with blog readers (dirty minded friends)?
Some time ago Russ got a new cabinet saw for his workshop. It has sat unused but dearly loved ever since. He'd turned it on and made the occassional cut and marvelled at it's super quiet purr, but that's about as far as it's gotten. No more. Russ decided that his new experience would be to complete a project on his table saw. I think he's making cedar beach chairs. The workshop smells FANTASTIC and I for one think he needs ongoing cedar projects just to maintain the wonderful scent.
I had started a fire outside at around 10:30. It was a blue skied day but there was a chill in the air and since we'd be home all day I didn'…

New Experience No.2

Saturday we spent the day at the only outdoor waterslide Edmonton offers, Wild Waters. It's in the industrial park on the far west side of Edmonton, notice a theme here? Anyways, the weather was supposed to be (and was) lovely and hot and we all wanted some sun damage to prove we were living a little.

Wild Waters is an interesting establishment. We had a great time, don't get me wrong, but we paid for every last smile and snicker the slides wrung out of us. Dude, next time I decide to go there, remind me to sell my embryo's or something to fund such an outing. The price of admission for our family was $72.00 for not that much water park. Not that I'm trying to be all Suze Orman about the outing, but it wasn't a cheap family outing. Lunch was $22.00 for crappy burgers and a hotdog. For real! I'll stop being the banker now....just saying!

Maybe in another life I can be one of those "lifeguards" that stares into oblivion at the top of the slide and waves w…

The long weekend of new experiences

Odd title choice, I was going to go with: The long weekend of new stuff - but that makes it sound like we went on a shopping spree - which we did not. I'm married to a man (gasp) that does not like to go and do the same thing twice, with a few exceptions that include his stomach and sand, for the most part he is not a fan of repeats. For instance, he will rarely watch a movie more than once, if we were to suggest we go to the museum he would look at us as though we had lost our minds because he has already gone there and seen all there was to see in our 2 hour visit. So entertaining this husband of mine can be like making pastry in July - difficult to say the least.

Right, the title.

It was my plan to fill the weekend with new experiences. Things we haven't experienced before. Cue crickets chirping in my brain when said idea was conjured. This was me, scratching head, thinking: well if I haven't thought of it before, why would I conjure it up now? It turned out to be not tha…