Science Center and Zzzzz'z

(I so can't find an image of our star theatre online - but it's kinda like this)
Lord, I am tired. Bone deep exhausted today. Lots of sun, 3 busy girls, a dog that requires exercise, a body that requires it also, a jammed packed schedule, gardening and fresh air have taken their toll on me and I'm done. Stick a fork in me, kinda done. So done that I have been living almost camera free all day (gasp). By almost, I did take photos of the girls impromtu fashion show, but it was under threat of death that I did.
Today we went to the Telus World of Science. Janie and Kia took a spin on one of these multi axis space trainers. Neither one got sick from it. Bree thought she'd sit it out, as we had just had lunch. Good call! The girls loved the Margaret Zeidler planetarium and the show we saw on stars. Lots of exploring, sniffing, twirling, and playing and crime solving insued. We raced out of there at 3:30 to get to Kia's swim lessons at 4:00 and the rest of the day has been spent playing in the backyard. The pool has been well used, as has the slip and slide, as has the trampoline. We are starting a firepit at 9:30 and star gazing till 11pm (inspired by our trip to the science center of course). And then, I'm hoping to have a fantastic sleep.

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