Say it don't spray it

Firstly, I have to say that it was great to see Grandma and Grandpa Workman for a day, and the very special cargo they brought to spend a couple weeks checking out our northern diggs. Saturday was turning out to be a great day, we went to our favorite fish and chippy and had a fantastic dinner, followed by walks and shopping and a movie in the den.

Russ had just decided to head to bed around 11:00 and called to take Roopert outside for a pee before doing so. In a few minutes I think I hear Russ calling me, and sure enough he was, he was also calling Roopert. I figured he was loose and running down the street. Not so. He had in fact discovered a skunk roaming in the back yard. He went after the skunk like gangbusters.

Roopert got sprayed in the face at least 4 times. I ran up and was told by a very frantic Russ, what was transpiring and how Roopert would not come back when called. Roopert was completely fearless as he chased down this skunk, didn't seem fazed by the spray at all. No yips, no howls of agony, just utter focus on the intruder. He wouldn't respond to my calls either.

I finally had to leave the sanctuary of the house to get him. The girls had already brought me a towel to pick him up with. As I wrapped him up in the towel, I stupidly and hopefully thought that perhaps he hadn't been sprayed. I leaned down and breathed deep. MISTAKE. It's been almost 24 hours since this occured and my nose is still burning from the smell! I literally could not smell anything other than skunk till lunchtime today. It didn't even smell like skunk on his fur, it smelt stronger and kinda burned like a hot chili pepper. Even later as I was washing him, I had big red blotchy marks on my arms where the spray had touched my skin via his fur.

V8 soup, and crushed tomatoes from the storage room helped neutralize the smell (though the internet is quick to tell you these don't work, trust me they helped!). Because he didn't back down his eyes, his mouth, his face, his ears bore the brunt of the skunk spray. All very difficult places to clean on a dog. Russ couldn't even be near him when I brough him through the house, his weak stomach sending him to the washroom to be violently ill. I had a moment with him, red and tomatoe covered, with skunk gas so thick in the air that was almost my undoing; my eyes were gushing water, and I was gasping for breath, sticking my nose out of the door and fanning my face. It was not one of the better moments of my life.

The adventures of dog ownership continue to delight. Needless to say, our bathroom upstairs and probably our master bedroom as well, will need to be bleached and probably primed and painted to remove the skunk smell, I know know what it feels like to catch dog vomit with my hand, Roopert will be getting daily baths for the foreseeable future, lights will be flicked before he's let out at night, Grandma and Grandpa will not forget their visit to Edmonton any time soon, and I will not mind the smell of dead skunk or living skunk so much knowing just how much worse it can really be!

Miraculously we all didn't reek of skunk at church today even though Roopert still smells horrendous.

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