Homemade Lip Gloss

This project is super easy: Put some honey and flavoring (kool-aid flavors, vanilla, almond extract, mint extract, and little pieces of lipstick for color) in a small cup. Melt some petroleum jelly and pour in at a ratio of 3 parts to whatever you have in the cup. Mix and you have some homemade lip gloss folks. We made 6 flavor bases: vanilla (two batches), almond, chocolate, mint, cherry and orange. From there we mixed it all up into our own concoctions. Orange and vanilla, mint and vanilla, chocolate mint, orange chocolate, neapolitan...you get the idea. We spent at least an hour stirring and mixing our gloss and putting it in the cute containers we picked up at Lee Valley (they're watchmaker cases - the smallest set they sell).

P.S: I have to say that my house is truly a disaster area, and I'm trying not to care. Fun trumps housekeeping, right? or so I thought until they handed out enrichment invitations for August and I was reminded it was at my house! Wake up call!

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