It's a home day today. YAY. Much needed. We did leave the confines of the house to take Roopert for a walk, so I guess it's not an entirely home based day. Since then, we've been pretty lazy, when we should be cleaning. Instead we moved a table to the guest room and set up the sewing machine and sewed Kia a version of this bag using the tutorial provided by Skip to my Lou. It's so cute and crazy easy - took us about 30 minutes and that included fixing the sewing machine 3 times.

Towels are drying outside, getting nice and crunchy in the sunshine, but it's just too hot to use the dryer when the sun is more than capable of drying them. Kia is not impressed with the crunchy quality of sun dried towels, but loves the smell of them (she thinks they smell like coconut suntan lotion), so she will deal. I'm hoping to clean the front room and kitchen and maybe even vacuum. Wish me luck!

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