Fort Saskatchewan Spray Park

The fun thing about the Fort Sask spray park, besides free fun, is that the playground is located right beside the spray park area, which the girls loved! We invited Kia's best buddy along and hit the road for some heat relief.

This is what Janie always looked like, she's tall enough to jump up and tip the bucket and so she did. All the time. I have at least 4 other shots that look just like this one.

Bree in a classic Webster pose, I think I have a photo of Nate in monkey suit doing the exact same body shape, eyes closed, arms wide, minus the water of course.

They made lots of friends there today. Everytime I saw them, there was a herd of other kids playing with them, chasing them and having fun. This little guy below was by far the cutest conquest of the day.

This contraption that their playing on spins. It turns and if one has the balance, could be used like a human treadmill. The girls LOVE this thing and spent more time playing on it than they did at the spray park.

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