Fort Edmonton

Our search for summer fun lead us to Fort Edmonton for a great day in the sunshine. 29'C baby! We had a blast! Pictures are so not in any order.
We learned that them there wooden seats hurt! No thank you for traveling long distances, no wonder the early pioneers had tooth problems, with wagon rides jarring them out of their heads!
Nice contrast in this photo...irreverent girls in front of a church.

Can't you just see them as old biddies.

The girls came out of the fort and found this makeshift indian encampment. A full blown game ensued.
The above is my favorite photo of the day, at the fort with the girls looking so adorable.

The posing! We posed with everything. I mean everything!

Oh what's that in the distance?
Here's a big collage of the day, cuz I'm tired and can't take uploading anymore!

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