Crazy Storm

Around 9:30 last night I noted it was a little bit windy outside. The dog was going crazy so I figured he needed to go out for a pee. After I let him out, I realized it was a stronger wind than I first imagined. It was literally ripping through the trees and blowing our patio chairs through the air. I saw the dog, standing on the stairs, unmoving and soon ran out to get him. I think he realized it was unsafe to move for fear of flying away.

Soon after, the power went out and we all gathered in the front room with flashlights and candles. Ghost stories ensued, of course, and I think I may have done some damage with the telling of my favorite ghost stories...though they begged me to do it!

An epic thunder and lightning storm followed, with hail and continued extreme winds. The power didn't stay off that long where we were - maybe 40 minutes at the most. Some fallen branches in the yard today, but for the most part we seemed to escape this storm unscathed. There are lots of fallen trees throughout the neighborhood, so I'm grateful for the minor consequences of some knocked over furniture and some fallen branches.

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