Crazy Patriots

Thanks to Laura for the title of this post, though it was provided as an urgent message to not partake of dessert after the fireworks (the horror), it's a good phrase regardless!

In Canada Day's of yesteryear we have been known to throw a big Canada Day party. Not so this year, for a number of reasons, but I must say that having a laid back Canada Day was a lovely change of pace. I don't know about the rest of you but I could really go for a mid week Wednesday holiday on a weekly basis. Weekends and days that start with "W" should be mandatory to take off. Whose with me?

We went down the street and enjoyed the parade which was much better this year than years prior. We went earlier to Festival Place to take part in the many activities down there. It was very Canadian, as we spent much of our time standing patiently in line-ups, what's more Canadian than that? Russ and Kia did archery, we watched native dancers, dogs racing children, bounced on inflatable toys, rode in mini transit buses, got airbrush tattoos, ate elephant ears - lemonade - and cotton candy, wandered aimlessly, explored firetrucks and ambulances, admired wood carvings and explored outdoor farmers markets.

The wood carvings inspired Russ to come home and spend a number of hours carving and polishing his diamond willow walking stick. Later that night we met up with friends and watched the fireworks. Then we went home and had dessert. Yup, at 11:30pm we had dessert. Good times! No cool Canadian garb here, no fun recipes or photos of the events we participated in. I was pretty much camera free the entire day but did manage to snap a few while we were at home in the evening. The festivities were jam packed with families and their dogs. I so wish Roo was well behaved enough to enjoy the day with us. Next year! That is now the goal. Instead Rooster spent the better part of the day doing the following:
This dog loves to roll around in the clover, like, all the time. Kia showing off her cool do, sprayed green and sparkled, plus her cool tiger airbrushed decal on her arm which she loves more than anything at the moment and may never bathe again in hopes that it stays on forever and ever.

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