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A haircut, a blue tutu and a girl

All work together to equal a fun photo blitz in the backyard. Here are two or three of our favs.

My Summer Reading

This is all Ms. Crowe's fault. Who knew there was almost an entire book genre dedicated to Jane Austen spin off books? I did not know this, but now, I am schooled but good. So educated by Kelli's blog, Good Reads, a search on Amazon and Chapters, I headed to my local library locked and loaded.
I started with Darcy & Elizabeth, Meh. Not so great. But I'm currently reading An Assembly Such As This and it's so much better. It's a three book series that follows Pride and Prejudice exclusively and provides Darcy's point of view. I'm LOVING it.


It's a home day today. YAY. Much needed. We did leave the confines of the house to take Roopert for a walk, so I guess it's not an entirely home based day. Since then, we've been pretty lazy, when we should be cleaning. Instead we moved a table to the guest room and set up the sewing machine and sewed Kia a version of this bag using the tutorial provided by Skip to my Lou. It's so cute and crazy easy - took us about 30 minutes and that included fixing the sewing machine 3 times.

Towels are drying outside, getting nice and crunchy in the sunshine, but it's just too hot to use the dryer when the sun is more than capable of drying them. Kia is not impressed with the crunchy quality of sun dried towels, but loves the smell of them (she thinks they smell like coconut suntan lotion), so she will deal. I'm hoping to clean the front room and kitchen and maybe even vacuum. Wish me luck!

Simply the best

What a great two weeks we had with Janie and Breanne. We were all sad to drop them off yesterday in C-town. Here's a smackerel of photos from the last couple days. After we returned home from Calgary we made french fries outside in the deep fryer and plunged in the pool to stay cool. Dang, these are some hot days of summer! Hope it cools down a tad on Monday so I can get some much needed housework done!

Science Center and Zzzzz'z

(I so can't find an image of our star theatre online - but it's kinda like this) Lord, I am tired. Bone deep exhausted today. Lots of sun, 3 busy girls, a dog that requires exercise, a body that requires it also, a jammed packed schedule, gardening and fresh air have taken their toll on me and I'm done. Stick a fork in me, kinda done. So done that I have been living almost camera free all day (gasp). By almost, I did take photos of the girls impromtu fashion show, but it was under threat of death that I did. Today we went to the Telus World of Science. Janie and Kia took a spin on one of these multi axis space trainers. Neither one got sick from it. Bree thought she'd sit it out, as we had just had lunch. Good call! The girls loved the Margaret Zeidler planetarium and the show we saw on stars. Lots of exploring, sniffing, twirling, and playing and crime solving insued. We raced out of there at 3:30 to get to Kia's swim lessons at 4:00 and the rest of the day has bee…

Fort Saskatchewan Spray Park

The fun thing about the Fort Sask spray park, besides free fun, is that the playground is located right beside the spray park area, which the girls loved! We invited Kia's best buddy along and hit the road for some heat relief.

This is what Janie always looked like, she's tall enough to jump up and tip the bucket and so she did. All the time. I have at least 4 other shots that look just like this one.

Bree in a classic Webster pose, I think I have a photo of Nate in monkey suit doing the exact same body shape, eyes closed, arms wide, minus the water of course. They made lots of friends there today. Everytime I saw them, there was a herd of other kids playing with them, chasing them and having fun. This little guy below was by far the cutest conquest of the day.
This contraption that their playing on spins. It turns and if one has the balance, could be used like a human treadmill. The girls LOVE this thing and spent more time playing on it than they did at the spray park…

Glow in the dark bowlingmini-golf and Mr.Potter

A new mini golf place opened up in town this year and we finally went last night. Glow in the dark mini golf baby! We had many laughs as we toured through the course. We went at 8:00pm, so we pretty much had the run of the joint. We all made some pretty decent shots, and we all made some pretty bad ones.

Today, we went and saw Harry Potter and it was SOOO FREAKING GREAT! We're all on a major buzz from it still. Good times!

Storm Photo

Thought I'd share a photo of the huge tree that was completely unearthed by the storm the other night. It sits on the edge of Eastgate lake, one of our favorite walks with the dog. Huge tree, pulled right from the ground in the storm.

Homemade Lip Gloss

This project is super easy: Put some honey and flavoring (kool-aid flavors, vanilla, almond extract, mint extract, and little pieces of lipstick for color) in a small cup. Melt some petroleum jelly and pour in at a ratio of 3 parts to whatever you have in the cup. Mix and you have some homemade lip gloss folks. We made 6 flavor bases: vanilla (two batches), almond, chocolate, mint, cherry and orange. From there we mixed it all up into our own concoctions. Orange and vanilla, mint and vanilla, chocolate mint, orange chocolate, get the idea. We spent at least an hour stirring and mixing our gloss and putting it in the cute containers we picked up at Lee Valley (they're watchmaker cases - the smallest set they sell).

P.S: I have to say that my house is truly a disaster area, and I'm trying not to care. Fun trumps housekeeping, right? or so I thought until they handed out enrichment invitations for August and I was reminded it was at my house! Wake up call!

Crazy Storm

Around 9:30 last night I noted it was a little bit windy outside. The dog was going crazy so I figured he needed to go out for a pee. After I let him out, I realized it was a stronger wind than I first imagined. It was literally ripping through the trees and blowing our patio chairs through the air. I saw the dog, standing on the stairs, unmoving and soon ran out to get him. I think he realized it was unsafe to move for fear of flying away.
Soon after, the power went out and we all gathered in the front room with flashlights and candles. Ghost stories ensued, of course, and I think I may have done some damage with the telling of my favorite ghost stories...though they begged me to do it!
An epic thunder and lightning storm followed, with hail and continued extreme winds. The power didn't stay off that long where we were - maybe 40 minutes at the most. Some fallen branches in the yard today, but for the most part we seemed to escape this storm unscathed. There are lots of fal…

Feels like summer - finally

The weather has been really great this week! We went to the Fort Saskatchewan spray park today and the weather was sublime. The girls had a great time playing at the park, then running through the spray area, and then back into the sand and dizzy spin rides. We made a stop at my favorite bakery out there, a-bun-dance. For real, that's the name and they make the best long johns on the planet.

I'm off to the temple tonight with the youth and I can't wait! Have a great one!

Fort Edmonton

Our search for summer fun lead us to Fort Edmonton for a great day in the sunshine. 29'C baby! We had a blast! Pictures are so not in any order.
We learned that them there wooden seats hurt! No thank you for traveling long distances, no wonder the early pioneers had tooth problems, with wagon rides jarring them out of their heads!
Nice contrast in this photo...irreverent girls in front of a church.

Can't you just see them as old biddies.

The girls came out of the fort and found this makeshift indian encampment. A full blown game ensued.
The above is my favorite photo of the day, at the fort with the girls looking so adorable.

The posing! We posed with everything. I mean everything!

Oh what's that in the distance?
Here's a big collage of the day, cuz I'm tired and can't take uploading anymore!

Picture Spam a lot

Some shots of life around these parts over the past few days...
Yay, the fire ban is finally lifted!
Drying out the tarps from girls camp soon lent to other activities...And of course lots of jumping on the trampoline...what night would complete without this?

Say it don't spray it

Firstly, I have to say that it was great to see Grandma and Grandpa Workman for a day, and the very special cargo they brought to spend a couple weeks checking out our northern diggs. Saturday was turning out to be a great day, we went to our favorite fish and chippy and had a fantastic dinner, followed by walks and shopping and a movie in the den.

Russ had just decided to head to bed around 11:00 and called to take Roopert outside for a pee before doing so. In a few minutes I think I hear Russ calling me, and sure enough he was, he was also calling Roopert. I figured he was loose and running down the street. Not so. He had in fact discovered a skunk roaming in the back yard. He went after the skunk like gangbusters.

Roopert got sprayed in the face at least 4 times. I ran up and was told by a very frantic Russ, what was transpiring and how Roopert would not come back when called. Roopert was completely fearless as he chased down this skunk, didn't seem fazed by the spray at …