Dear Blog,

My life is currently so overtaken that there is no time for you. I have a few big ribbon wand orders that I'm trying desperately to get out the door (June weddings), my house is in need of a Peter Walsh, my garden requires constant tending, the dog requires exercise, the drama of grade 4 girls requires lots of Mommy daughter talks, I haven't seen my friends for ages, I'm still trying to fit in workouts, do my church calling, be a wife, wash laundry, and feed us. I'm failing miserably in some of these areas and don't feel like blogging about it.


The weather is fantastic, I love my work, the house is an ongoing project, the walks are bringing much needed balance, hugs follow the talks, phone calls substitute for girls night, the gym is always there waiting when I find the time, I love my calling and feel that it may be coming to an end soon, Russ is a shoulder to lean on, the laundry still sucks but every night the family is miraculously fed.

So, blog, I'll catch you when I can.



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