I'll Huff and I'll Puff

Can you even fathom that another school year has come and gone! My little girl is no longer all that little, she's a bonafide tween. Just typing that, I feel this sense of sadness ice the corners of my soul (I'm channeling Anne of Green Gables today). I sometimes feel bad for Kia because as our one child she gets firsts and lasts all at the same time. I have a constant feeling of excitement that is usually followed by a sharp pang of panic. It goes something like this:

Kia: I can't wait! Today is the last day of school and I get to sleep in all summer!
Me (outloud): I know! Isn't that the greatest!
Me (in my head): WHAT! You graduated grade 4, this can't be happening...time is going too quickly, must...stop...time

Not to worry folks, it's a 90/10 ratio. I'm 90% happy and 10% panic. No meds necessary.

Roopert is doing much better on walks the past few days. No demon dog from hell moments to share. We walked the figure 8 loop today, which is a very odd but satisfying walk around Eastgate Lake and then the mall and back around the lake again. I'm enjoying the blue sky and fresh air, Roopert is right by my side, but he suddenly stops and I have to yank him to me. I don't think much of it, until this group of guys looks our way and all break out into hysterical laughter.

Roopert had stopped to pick up a full size crazy bread that lay on the ground (which I didn't see, but he clearly did) and he's holding it in his mouth like a huge cigar, as he tries to walk, chew and not drop it. He did look pretty hilarious, although it could have been my hair they were gaffawing over as well. But if it is my hair, it will all be better at 1:00pm today when I put my trust in Katrina's capable hands. Nice segway, eh?

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