Golf Tournament

Russ works with a very social bunch of folks and they really seem to like to have work events. MS bike tour, Habitat for Humanity and company golf tournaments. The later, being a family event this last weekend that we took part in. Most of my local friends know that I was dreading this golf tournament. My last golf experience was with Russ on the Turner Valley golf course for his birthday in 1999.

I was pregnant with Kia at the time and my moods were swinging more than the clubs - har har, but true! We were so broke that we couldn't rationalize renting a golf cart and instead opted to walk the course. MISTAKE! By hole 15 it was dusk, I was a very hormonally drained pregnant women bawling her eyes out and the poor older couple who had been paired with us were dots on the horizon. Not good.

This was a much more enjoyable experience. For one, I wasn't pregnant, nor was I paying - hello golf cart! Kia joined us, as it was family event and we headed out on the course to play Texas Scramble rules, which are the best rules ever. Russ and I made some hilariously bad shots often, but so did our golfing partners, and that really made it all better. Every now and then we would all make a shot that was pretty darn good and redeem ourselves.

By the 6th hole, we had lost a number of balls and I encouraged Kia to go down to the edge of a pond and retrieve my ball instead of losing yet another brand new ball to my horrible swinging. Instead of coming back up the hill she marched around the pond. Mistake! The mud was deep and she sunk. Shoes were lost, she fell, she cried, we laughed. It wasn't pretty folks and was most definitely something that was far out of Kia's comfort zone. Even worse was the accompaning smell of goose poop that clung to her skin, after the mud was washed away. Yes, that would be a lovely contribution to the BBQ and awards ceremony to follow! Oops!

Kia is behind me loudly proclaiming, "Well, Mommy sent me down!"

Clearly, I am responsible for this mishap and I did try to make it somewhat better by running to Canadian Tire for new flip flops and some J Clothes for more clean up in the bathroom.

Russ is an insane golf cart driver and a part of me now realizes that perhaps my hormonal pregnant self of 10 years ago would not have been able to handle his golf card driving and the day may have ended in blood shed should we have had a cart that imfamous day. So it was a good lesson learned.

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